How Fame Can Lead to Addiction

Those who are famous live their lives in the spotlight, which can be immensely stressful. Having to be constantly alert to how they act in public can be a huge pressure, and many struggle with the world they live in. Knowing that everywhere they go they will be recognised means they cannot live a normal life and, in the world of social media, photos can be posted online in seconds. Those who are extremely famous will constantly be in the public eye, which can be difficult to deal with and can often lead to addiction.

Addiction among the Famous

It is hardly surprising then that many famous individuals deal with their struggles by hitting the bottle or taking drugs. Additionally, there is a heavy drinking culture among the famous, as much of their lives revolve around social events.

Some famous people will already be prone to addiction because the same characteristics and attributes that led to them becoming famous in the first place are similar to those found in addicts.

Many famous individuals work extremely hard and lead very busy lives. They may then feel that they deserve to relax with a drink or two while many will party so hard that they eventually develop a dependency on alcohol. Some find it difficult to function without a particular drug or alcohol.

Are People Destined to be Alcoholics?

One such famous person is comedian Jim Davidson, who has battled with alcohol and drugs for many years. Davidson has spoken of how he believes people are destined to become addicted to alcohol, and he revealed that he thinks he was born with alcohol addiction. He said, “I believe you’re born as an alcoholic. I don’t believe that you drink so much that you become an alcoholic.”

He also said that he thinks individuals are born with an addictive personality and that he is one of those people.

Davidson admits that he could function well while under the influence of alcohol, but it was the hangovers that began to affect his work. He says that he was in denial about his addiction because of the fact that his ability to do his job was unaffected when he was drunk.

Charity Work

Davidson has managed to beat his addiction to drugs and alcohol and has set up the ‘Care After Combat’ charity, which works with military veterans who are struggling with addiction. He would like his programme approved in English and Welsh prisons as well, as approximately five per cent of those behind bars are former service personnel.

Davidson says he spent ten weeks at the Priory, and it was there that he learned how to deal with his problems. He says that sharing problems helps and believes that anyone with alcohol problems should speak to their friends and contact their GP. He says, “You have to accept that you are powerless over alcohol. My life was uncontrollable.”

High Functioning Addicts

Davidson’s admission that he functioned well while drunk is something that many famous celebrities have in common. It is easier for the rich and famous to hide the fact that they are dealing with addiction issues because they present an outwardly successful appearance.

Help for Addiction

The media often carries reports about celebrities entering rehab for their addictions. There are many private clinics to which the rich and famous go for help in beating their addictions. However, there are numerous treatment providers helping those who are not rich or famous but who also suffer from addiction.

Addiction Helper works with charity organisations, local support groups, private clinics and the NHS, and can refer clients to the most appropriate organisation based on their needs. If you or a loved one is suffering because of addiction, contact Addiction Helper today for free advice and support.


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