Tackling gaming addiction


A woman has been arrested in the US after attacking her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her. Claiming her partnerwas addicted to his games console and had spent the last two days doing nothing but playing Xbox with his friends she charged into the supermarket and attacked him in front of shocked onlookers. The 24 year old woman ran into the shop, naked from the waist down. She hit him and bit his testicles as she started screaming insults at him. She has been charged with indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness and harassment. The incident, which took place in Pennsylvania, USA, has been reported in newspapers all over the world.

Whilst it may seem like an amusing story, gaming addiction is a very real problem that causes problems throughout the addict’s life, although having their private parts bitten in public may be an unusual reaction to relationship troubles.

Many relationships suffer when a partner as any sort of addiction that gaming addiction is a very modern phenomenon. With the rise of newer, better and more advanced technology more and more people are having difficulty at controlling the amount of time they spend online and/or gaming.

A partner may feel neglected by the amount of time their partner spends playing computer games. They may feel neglected and may start to suffer from low self-esteem as they feel that they are second best to a console. Spending hours watching the back of someone’s head as they get engrossed in the latest game is not conducive to a loving relationship. In this case, it was a very extreme reaction to what the woman may have felt is a great insult and terrible humiliation.

There is no typical profile of the gaming addict. They may suffer from low level mental health problems. Prolonged gameplay can be a symptom of procrastination or as a way of escaping real life. This is a common characteristic that nearly all addicts have, regardless of what they are actually addicted to. It’s when excessive game-playing or prolonged time online spills into other areas of the addict’s life that it becomes a problem. Gambling online can cause the same issues, but with the added complications of the risk of financial ruin

Some people may not think that gaming is a genuine addiction but these people do not realise how harmful can be. When gaming becomes a problem it can be as harmful as any other addiction. Help is available, and therapy and counselling can be very effective in treating a gaming addiction.


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