Denise Welch and cross addiction.


Loose Women, celebrity Big Brother and Coronation Street star Denise Welch has revealed to the Mirror newspaper how she cross addicted from binge drinking to food addiction. It has been well documented by the press that Denise has struggled with alcohol addiction for many years and relapsed in 2011 and denied having a problem. When Denise appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012 despite being crowned the winner Denise became mostly known for her drunken, uninhibited behaviour in the house.

In February 2013 Denise told the press that she and her partner has been sober for the past year, and their relationship and her mental health has improved greatly since being sober. In her interview with the Mirror Denise described how she had been dealing with her cravings for alcohol by drinking and looking for a sugar rush. Denise also described how she has been using food to change how she feels and as a comfort through difficult personal times.

In the interview Denise spoke of the consequences of her addiction to food, such as fatigue and weight gain. Denise also discussed her compulsion to eat and will eat large about of confectionery products. This compulsion is an integral part of the addictive process, where someone keeps using their drug of choice despite the negative consequences on their life.

My hope for Denise is that she gets proper treatment for her addiction, although she has engaged with AA in the past she is not currently working a 12 step programme and that is concerning. Cross addiction when an addict swaps one drug for another is not recovery it is substitution of one form of addiction for another. The fact that Denise has now put all her addictive behaviours onto her food issues suggests there is a vast amount of work she needs to do in order to address her addiction.

Cross addiction is common to addicts and is something for those in recovery to mindful of. This does not always mean crossing for example from drugs to alcohol (and vice versa) but may mean becoming sober from one addiction and starting another this can be anything from compulsive spending to sex addiction to overeating or under eating.

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