Facing Up To the Consequences of Addiction

The important thing to understand about addiction is that it is an illness; nobody chooses to develop an addiction. Addiction is something that happens gradually but when it does take hold, it can often lead a person to do things that he or she would never have considered before.

Addiction causes a powerful, uncontrollable urge to take particular substances such as drugs or alcohol or to carry out a specific activity, dieting and gambling being examples.

Not everyone who gambles will become a gambling addict, nor will everyone who drinks become an alcoholic. However, for some, what was once a form of enjoyment can cause both psychological and physical damage.

When Addiction Affects Others

Addiction will, for most people, destroy their lives and the lives of family members. However, sometimes addiction spreads further and affects innocent strangers. This is exactly what happened when Felipe Teixeira stole from a number of properties in the Broadfield and Bewbush areas to feed his drug addiction.

Teixeira carried out three robberies in twelve days during July and August 2014 and was on the run from the police, before being caught in December 2014.

Since his arrest, Teixeira, who is from Portugal, has been in prison, with his defence lawyer saying that he is struggling with life behind bars. He said, “He doesn’t speak much English, and it is clear he has struggled with the experience.”

He also spoke of Teixeira’s long battle with drug addiction and told of how he had tried rehabilitation but had relapsed.

The judge in the case adjourned sentencing in order to determine if Teixeira is eligible for drug rehabilitation while in prison.

Consequences of Addiction

As in the case of Felipe Teixeira above, it is easy to see how addiction can affect strangers. In a desperate bid to get cash for drugs, he stole from a number of properties, one of which belonged to his cousin.

However, for some people, addiction can be so strong that they just do not consider the consequences of their actions. For them, it is all about the substance or activity that they crave, and nothing else comes close.

Many addicts will initially use up all of their available cash to fund their addiction. They may begin to dip into savings without the knowledge or consent of their partner. When these funds dry up, they may begin using money that is required to pay bills.

This is often when relationships are placed under tremendous strain, and some of these relationships do not make it through addiction. Some addicts will begin borrowing from family members and friends but will never tell the truth about what the money is for or why they need it.


The problem with addiction is that it just keeps getting worse unless it is treated. Addiction will not simply go away on its own. In the same way that it develops over time, it will require time and effort to treat it. Those who do not get help and run out of funds may resort to crime in a desperate bid to carry on with their habit. Unfortunately, there are serious consequences to criminal activity, as Felipe Teixeira discovered.

Get Help Now

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Addiction Helper has the information you need to make a change to your life; we have a team of expert advisors waiting to take your call. We can support you and your family through this tough emotional time and can help you to begin a life of sobriety. Call today for more information.


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