In attempting to communicate how our services can be beneficial to substance abusers, addicts and their families, we often explain that no single treatment works equally well for everyone who comes to us for help. People are individuals; they are different. As such, each individual needs treatment that meets them where they are. To that end, we would like to introduce you to a UK charity known as ‘Mind’.

Mind is an organisation devoted to helping those suffering from mental illness. They offer free advice and information covering a full range of mental illnesses through their website, various telephone help lines, and even local Mind offices where clients can go to receive direct support.

The Mind Mission Is as Follows:

“We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.”

  1. Furthermore, the Mind website lists six goals that direct what they do:
  2. Staying Well – They support people who are likely to develop mental health problems for the purposes of helping them stay well.
  3. Empowering Choice – They seek to empower people already experiencing mental health issues to enable them to make informed choices about life and recovery.
  4. Service and Support Improvement – Mind works to ensure that clients get the right kind of services and support they need for both recovery and daily living.
  5. Social Participation Enabling – The organisation seeks to open doors to people with mental health problems so they can fully participate in society at-large.
  6. Removing Opportunity Inequality – They work toward gaining equality of treatment for people experiencing mental health and other types of discrimination.
  7. Organisational Excellence – Mind seeks to build a culture of excellence that allows them to make the most of their resources.

The Mind charity exists to help mental health clients and their families in the same way our organisation works to help those affected by substance abuse and addiction. Our services can sometimes overlap given the fact that drug addiction and mental illness are often linked. If the information and resources offered by Mind would be helpful to any of our clients, we enthusiastically recommend them.

Mental Illness and Drug Addiction

With almost every case of drug addiction, there is also at least a causal link to mental health issues. This does not mean that every drug addict also has a mental illness, but it does mean we have to be concerned about mental health whenever we are working to help someone recover from substance abuse or addiction. In some cases, the existence of a dual diagnosis is very real.

A dual diagnosis scenario is one in which someone is diagnosed with both an addiction and a clinical mental illness at the same time. A good example is that of alcohol dependence and depression. These two conditions go hand-in-hand more often than most people think.

The challenge in a dual diagnosis scenario is to treat both conditions simultaneously without one being made worse as a result of treating the other. Dual diagnoses require a specialised kind of treatment that can usually only be found at residential rehab clinics staffed by experts who truly understand what’s going on. It is very difficult to get an effective treatment for a dual diagnosis by merely attending a programme at an outpatient clinic.

As part of our free services, we can refer dual diagnosis patients to appropriate rehab clinics. Mind can also assist by recommending treatments and providing a library of information that sites like ours may not necessarily have access to. Between the two of us, our organisations can ensure that clients seeking help for substance abuse and/or mental illness get the help they need.

Services Offered by Mind

A great place for anyone with mental health issues to start is a visit to the Mind website. The site provides an incredible amount of information about mental health, various mental health conditions, treatment options, and more. They even offer an A-Z list of problem drugs often linked to mental illness as well as some of the more common treatments used in therapy.

As helpful as the Mind website is (and it’s very, very helpful), the bulk of the charity’s services is made possible through local Mind offices. The Mind network employs a staff of 2,500 working alongside 7,000 volunteers and 1,100 trustees. Through their local offices, Mind offers:

  • supportive housing
  • crisis help lines
  • drop-in centres
  • employment and training schemes
  • counselling services
  • support through befriending.

Due to the efforts of the charity, its staff, and their volunteers and trustees, millions of people have access to advice and support at no charge to them. The services and support Mind offers are critical to helping us reach some of the most vulnerable members of society throughout England and Wales.

Get the Help You Need Today

The great work being done by Mind is further evidence that you do not have to struggle with mental illness or substance abuse alone. Organisations like theirs and ours do what we do because we are genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of our clients. We work hard every single day to help people achieve wellness; we strive to assist clients in their fight to get their lives back.

Whether you are suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse, or a combination of the two, there is help available. Through Mind you can get practical and legal advice along with information regarding treatment options. If you contact our 24-hour helpline, we can assist you in understanding substance abuse and addiction, how it works, and where you can get effective treatment.

Do not continue to fight your fight alone. Get in touch with Mind for help with mental health issues, or contact us for assistance with substance abuse or addiction. Your health is too important to ignore.