Cocaine And Alcohol, A Lethal Mix

Mixing Cocaine And AlcoholCocaine and alcohol often go hand in hand, together they allow the user to carry on for longer periods of time in a heightened euphoria.  It is common for individuals who develop a Cocaine addiction to lay the blame of their problems firmly at the feet of Cocaine.  After all it is hugely expensive, especially if when you use your using goes on all night, sometimes even days at time. If your addicted to Cocaine it isn’t long before you start to feel the financial pinch of the drug.  Add to that, the anxiety, depression, paranoia and strained relationships you may feel you’re at the point where you want to do something about your problem.

If alcohol played a part in your using, you will need to consider carefully also abstaining from alcohol.  You may thing that this is unnecessary, as perhaps it was the Cocaine that caused you all the pain and financial ruin. Surely giving up the Cocaine is the solution to the problems of its addiction? Why should you have to give up alcohol as well, wont this lead to a bland and boring life? Besides which, it wasn’t alcohol that caused all the problems and you were able control the amount you took.

All or nothing

Giving up all mood and mind altering substances just to stay clean from one problematic substance my seem radically over the top.  But there is a very good reason that complete abstinence is suggested to those seeking long term recovery. It has been repeatedly proven that those who choose to abstain from all chemical substances have a better chance at achieving a happy and long term recovery. But with alcohol and Cocaine there is another reason why your should abstain from both, not just which ever one has proven to be the most troublesome.

It is a common experience for those who give up Cocaine to think that they can carry on drinking with their friends.  This is often proven to be a mistake, after a couple of drinks your inhibitions are lowered and you are more vulnerable to thinking that “a couple of lines wont do any harm”  If you used to take alcohol and Cocaine together there is a good chance that your body will start to crave what it perceives as missing. Cocaine and alcohol taken simultaneously also produce a third chemical in the liver as the substances are metabolized and processed.  This substance is known as Cocaethylene and can build up over time, it is extremely toxic and has been linked to causing heart attacks in individuals as young as in their teens. But you do not have to be a heavy user for Cocaethylene to be produced, even recreational or occasional users will produce this chemical if they take the two together. Cocaethylene also has a powerful euphoric effect, that is stronger than the effect of the cocaine alone.  So if you have been used to using alcohol and cocaine together, drinking alcohol is likely to trigger a craving for this toxic chemical.  Many who come into recovery from Cocaine do not realise this, that alcohol triggers an abnormal and often overwhelming craving for Cocaine and the chemical it produces when the two are combined. This puts you at high risk of relapse should you choose to carry on drinking.

Seriously want to quit?

If you are serious about quitting cocaine, we would urge you to consider abstaining from alcohol also.  Many individuals with addiction problems need help and support from professionals and others who are in recovery themselves.  It is often helpful to speak to someone who has an understanding of your problem and can offer valuable suggestions on how to go about your recovery.  The more help and support you have in place the better your chances of overcoming your addiction.We can help you fight the dual diagnosis.

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