Addiction Clinics

Addiction clinics are recognised as one of the most intensive forms of support available. Whilst in an addiction clinic, the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction are addressed. However, it is a naïve view to think that the journey ends once the residential addiction treatment is completed. In order for an individual to effectively use the coping strategies they have developed whilst in an addiction centre, it is usually necessary for them to have aftercare support.

Addiction ClinicsThere are various different forms of aftercare available following treatment in an addiction clinic. Most drug and alcohol treatment centres will offer the opportunity for the individual to return to the clinic on a regular basis in order to receive aftercare. This aftercare will usually be on a group basis and has the advantage of giving the individual the opportunity to return to an environment they know to be safe and supportive, to be with other individuals that were a crucial part of their recovery.

An additional form of aftercare support offered by Addiction Helper is one-to-one counselling on a local to home basis. This particular form of aftercare is suited to those individuals who have travelled further away from home to access an addiction clinic. For these individuals it can often be difficult to travel back to the clinic on a regular basis and so rather than jeopardising their recovery, they can see someone in a more convenient location.

Both forms of addiction support are equally important, and should be combined with attendance at the fellowship meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Some people express concerns around attending these meetings due to a belief that they are religious in nature. However, according to the AA website: “Alcoholics Anonymous has only one requirement for membership and that is the desire to stop drinking. There is room in AA for people of all shades of belief and non-belief.” Fellowship meetings are usually held at times when the person would be thinking about using their substance of choice most, therefore providing support on a daily basis at a vulnerable time.

People often ask about the success rates of addiction clinics, and is important to realise that regardless of the programme at each clinic, success will only be achieved if the person is truly motivated to seek help, completes the course of residential treatment they signed up for, and engages with an effective aftercare programme. Recovery is an ongoing journey, and it is vital that there is professional support during every step of the journey.


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