A woman who grew up in the shadow of her father’s violent death has spoken of how she has kicked her drug addiction and is moving on with her life. Jodie Mullholland’s father was murdered in 1996, when she was a toddler. It is thought that Michael Sutherland was involved in a row with someone over jewellery and was stabbed multiple times. He died of his wounds on January 1st 1996, leaving Jodie and her mother alone.

Drug Use

Jodie believes the death of her father, for which no one has ever been convicted, played an enormous role in shaping her life. Her mother was unable to cope, and Jodie was placed in care. She says that she ‘went off the rails.’ By the time she was thirteen, she had started to use heroin; by fifteen, she was pregnant. She gave birth to a stillborn and then became hooked on drugs including cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine, and M-Cat.

As with many other drug addicts, Jodie began shoplifting to fund her drug habit. She says, “You get into all sorts of trouble when you have to feed your drug habit. You become a completely different person.”

She admits now that she is not proud of the person she became.

Love and Support

While staying in a homeless centre four years ago, Jodie met Wayne Young, with the pair now planning their wedding. They have attributed support centre Turning Point with helping them both get clean and enabling them to begin a new life together. They now have a home and plan to start a family after they are married in August 2015.

Life after Addiction

Jodie and Wayne are planning a life together away from crime and addiction. Addiction is a terrible illness that is hard to break free from but, as they have shown, anything is possible. With the right advice and support, it is possible for any addiction to be beaten – however severe.

The most important thing to do is to admit that addiction is a problem. Many addicts live under a cloud of denial, and they would rather continue living as they are than to have to face up to their problems. However, upon coming to terms with the fact that they do indeed have a problem, they can seek help and begin their road to recovery.

Getting Help

There are so many treatment options available for those with addiction problems. Addiction Helper is a referral service helping countless people all over the UK to access suitable treatment programmes. Many of these will be referred to local support groups at which they can get help and advice on how to beat their demons. Others will be referred to a private clinic for a programme of residential rehabilitation.

The most important thing to realise is that, no matter what type of addiction a person has, treatments are available that will work. As long as individuals want to get better and are committed to their recovery, they can begin a new life of sobriety.

The Cloud of Addiction

Addiction is an illness and, as with other illnesses, it must be treated for it to go away. Living with addiction can cause emotional and physical problems. Some addicts will go to extraordinary measures to fund their addiction, with criminal activity quite common. Others will cheat and lie to their families, causing a breakdown of trust. If you are living under a cloud of addiction, then the time is right to seek help. Addiction Helper can provide the help you need to break free. Call our expert advisors today for information on how to do this.


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