Addicted To Love

Addicted to unhealthy relationships or a person?

Ever considered why you are in a destructive relationship and what it is that is holding you back from leaving it? May be the relationship is mentally or physically abusive, or you constantly argue and fail to see eye to eye. Perhaps you or your partner has jealousy or fidelity issues. You may find yourself thinking that everything would be okay if only they would change their ways, love you more, be more attentive, stop being unfaithful, stop abusing or hitting you, stop letting you doWN

Perhaps you have a habit for falling for the wrong kind of person all the time or struggle to be on your own. May be you find yourself obsessing about what they are doing or who they are with?

Repeating the same mistakes

Let’s face it, relationships can be hard work, and we all have relationship problems from time to time. But if you can see a repetitive pattern in your relationships and continuously put up with abusive or destructive behaviour, it may be that you are addicted to that person or a certain type of relationship. The good times erase the bad and all is well for a time, until the next time.

If your relationship is an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, you may want to consider some therapy. It can be easy to blame all bad relationships on previous partners, but what was the common factor in all of your relationships? ….YOU?

Advice and Treatment Options

Addiction can take on many forms, and the highs that follow a low in a relationship can be just as addictive as any substance, just because it isn’t a substance doesn’t make it any less harmful. If it’s impacting on other areas of your life or you feel it has changed you as a person, it may be time to look at the under lying issues that draw you into and keep you in destructive relationships. Issues such as anxiety, childhood trauma, self-esteem, and emotional, physical or sexual abuse can all be explored and treated sensitively within a professional therapeutic environment. From inpatient intensive therapy and care to counselling sessions in the community , Addiction Helper can help you overcome your relationship issues by suggesting an appropriate course of treatment, leading to a happier and healthier you with healthier and more respectful attitude towards relationships in the future. Please call our helpline for further information and advice.


Who am I contacting?

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