All over the UK, there are alcohol and drug addicts in need of private rehab. The good news is that there are plenty of clinics offering just about every type of therapy currently in use. The bad news is that many people mistakenly believe the cost of such treatments is out of their reach. That’s not necessarily true.

While there are some very high-end, exclusive addiction rehab facilities offering luxury amenities and accommodation, the majority of clinics are much more modest and very affordable. A 28-day programme can be as inexpensive as a few thousand pounds.

If you’re visiting our website because you are struggling with some sort of addiction, the more important concern for you is getting treatment one way or the other. Cost is secondary. We can help you locate both inpatient and outpatient services that meet your budget and needs. All you need to do is call us for the information.

How Costs Are Determined

When it comes to the actual treatments used by private clinics, they are fairly standard across the board. Clinics typically employ things like medically supervised detox, behavioural counselling, group support and controlled leisure activities. So why do some clinics cost more than others do?

Clinics derive their prices based on number of costs. It’s no different from how other types of enterprise establish prices. Clinics determine what amenities and services they want to offer, and then price their plans accordingly. Things they will consider include:

  • Additional Therapies – There are times when a clinic might choose to offer a therapy not normally offered by most other facilities. An example might be art therapy. It will cost that clinic a little more money to offer this therapy – a cost that will be reflected in their pricing.

  • Accommodation – The accommodation offered does play a huge role in treatment pricing. For example, a moderately priced private rehab clinic may offer only double rooms with basic amenities and shared bathroom facilities. A more exclusive clinic would cost more because it offers private rooms with en suite bathrooms.

  • Amenities – Your typical moderately priced rehab centre may include a recreation room, small gym, and outdoor space for various activities. However, clinics offering things like wellness spas, tennis courts, and Olympic-size swimming pools will obviously cost more.

What needs to be understood is that the higher cost of a facility does not necessarily mean their treatment options are better. The opposite is also true. Most of the cost associated with exclusive rehab programmes at private facilities is determined by accommodation and amenities.

Definitely Worth It

Stop and consider what you risk losing should you continue down the road of addiction. Your choice to continue addictive behaviour could cost you:

  • your family

  • your friends

  • your job

  • your home

  • your health

  • your future.

Are the pleasures you derive from substance abuse worth it? Are you willing to lose all of these things just for the temporary pleasure of addiction? In all likelihood, you’re not. You just don’t know what to do to solve your addiction problems.

Rest assured that we do not want to see you lose all of those things either. That’s why we do what we do. Our first priority is to make sure you’re accessing whatever help you need to break addiction once and for all. Otherwise, you could be facing the future of loneliness, poor health, and total misery.

We also don’t want your family members and friends to have to suffer along with you. However, that begs the question: do you even realise how much your drug addiction is harming those closest to you? They are indeed suffering right along with you, even if you cannot see it.

Private rehab treatment is definitely worth it no matter the cost. We want you to know that you have a number of different financing options, beginning with private health insurance. If you have private insurance, it likely covers the cost of addiction recovery. Most of the clinics we work with accept all of the major insurance plans.

If you don’t have private health insurance, there are other options. You could ask for donations from family members and friends, you can apply for a commercial loan, you could use an active credit card, or you could check with charities to see if they have openings. We can walk you through all of your financial options to help you work out a method of payment.

Be Careful of Free Addiction Rehab Services

We certainly don’t want to push you into drug rehab at a private clinic you cannot afford, but we do want to advise you to be careful where free services are concerned. Most of the free services in the UK are made available through the NHS. However, NHS services are not always reliable.

For starters, NHS programmes usually come with significant wait times. Their programmes are overburdened due to the sheer number of clients in need of help. When you eventually do get into a programme, it’s likely to be based on a one-size-fits-all approach rather than a bespoke treatment plan.

You should also know that the NHS does not offer residential treatment of any kind. That means all of their services are outpatient-based. Accessing outpatient services can make a full recovery more difficult for a number of reasons. If you want residential treatment, you’ll have to access it through a private clinic or a charity.

We understand that sometimes the cost of private rehab is more than you can afford. If that’s truly the case for you, we’ll help you access low-cost services or free programmes wherever they are available. It’s better to take advantage of support groups or NHS programmes than to do nothing at all.

Make the Choice Right Now

Our discussion of private rehab costs has hopefully given you some reason for hope. The next step is for you to make the choice to get the help you need for addiction recovery. Getting that help starts by contacting us via the telephone or e-mail. Our caring and compassionate staff are ready and waiting to hear from you.

Please know that you are our number one priority. All of our services are absolutely free and confidential, provided by staff with the proper training and experience to help you. Furthermore, all of the clinics we work with are fully certified and meet the highest standards of professionalism and quality.