John is a UK businessman suffering from an addiction to cocaine. The problem is, his business could be destroyed if his addiction problem is ever disclosed. He needs to get help fast, but he needs help in a way that will not compromise his business. Overseas rehab might be the perfect solution.

Seeking out a rehab programme overseas is not uncommon. In fact, there are some very good clinics in other parts of Europe as well as North America. These private clinics offer the same high quality programmes for those looking to receive their rehab treatment abroad.

In our capacity as a confidential referral service, we work with clinics in Europe and the United States. We can help any client wishing to go abroad find the right facility among our many options. We can help you too.

Philosophy of Overseas Treatment

You might believe that seeking overseas addiction rehab is a waste of time and money. After all, cocaine detox and counselling is the same no matter where you go, right? Well, yes and no. However, the fact remains there are some very good reasons people may not want to undergo rehab in their own country. For them, overseas treatment is a viable option.

The following are just a few examples illustrating why some people prefer overseas rehab:

  • Anonymity – John, our successful UK businessman, is fairly well known within the UK. Yet he is a virtual stranger in North America. If his cocaine addiction would compromise his business opportunities in the UK, seeking treatment in the US would offer him the anonymity he needs to overcome his addiction without risking his business.

  • Celebrity – Sarah is a celebrity who, unlike John, is known the world over. If she were to attend rehab in a UK clinic where everyone is accepted, her celebrity status might be disruptive to her treatment. What’s more, it could be disruptive to everyone else at the facility as well. Overseas rehab at a facility catering to celebrities puts all of the clients on the same plane, thus eliminating that distraction.

  • Environment – Tom is an individual whose life is being wrecked by alcoholism. Yet interestingly enough, he finds great solace in the remote mountain regions of the American Northwest. For him, overseas treatment offers the opportunity to deal with his addiction in an environment he finds naturally relaxing and soothing. Such an environment may increase his chances of long-term success.

  • Exclusivity – Popular perceptions of alcohol and drug addiction lead many of us to believe it only strikes the middle class and poor. However, that’s not true. Even the super wealthy, like Judy, can be victimised. For her, exclusive overseas rehab allows her to seek treatment in a luxury environment more suited to what she is normally used to. By providing certain amenities, these types of clinics are better able to help the affluent.

Process the Same

It should be noted that the detox and rehab processes are the same whether treatment is sought locally or overseas. Just because an individual attends overseas rehab does not make things any different or, for that matter, any easier. Please do not make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

If you’ve been dealing with a chronic, long-term addiction, be prepared to undergo detox regardless of the rehab facility you choose. You cannot break the addiction cycle without it. Detox is necessary in order to end the physical dependence your body has developed.

Detox will be followed by weeks of rehab therapies aimed at getting at the emotional and mental issues surrounding your addiction. Seeking overseas rehab may offer you an advantage here, but only inasmuch as the cost of overseas programmes often enables facilities to offer a wider range of therapies.

That said, the rehab therapies you undertake would still require you to come to terms with who you are as a person. Long-term abstinence requires you identify and admit those weaknesses in your life that trigger addictive behaviour. It dictates that you address those weaknesses head-on. There is no running away.

Cost of Overseas Rehab

It probably goes without saying that the cost of overseas rehab is greater than the average domestic programme. However, that does not necessarily mean it is not affordable. There may be ways to reduce the overall cost to make it feasible for you.

As an example, take the case of a frequent traveller who has managed to accumulate thousands of complementary miles on his or her credit card. If they have enough points to cover their flight both ways, that reduces the overall cost of overseas rehab significantly.

Another option is to take what is known as a medical holiday. A medical holiday is one where an individual will specifically schedule his or her annual holiday time around obtaining some sort of medical care that is less expensive overseas. They travel to their holiday destination, spend some time relaxing and enjoying themself, and then undergo treatment prior to returning home. You could do the same thing with overseas rehab.

By planning for a medical holiday, you are taking advantage of the fact that you are already travelling overseas anyway. If you are scheduled to be away for 30 days or so, your family could take advantage of the holiday destination while you are in rehab. The point is, there are many ways to make it work.

How We Can Help

Whether you choose domestic or overseas rehab, we are here to help you. Our mission is to match addicts and their families with the treatment options that are right for them. We take into account your particular addiction, how long you been addicted, your history, your family circumstances and your financial obligations. When we recommend treatment options, you can rest assured our recommendations are specifically geared toward you.

Should you require assistance making admission arrangements, we are available for that as well. We can even help arrange for transportation to the rehab facility if necessary. Simply put, our number one priority is to make sure you get the help you need. We will do whatever it takes to make it happen.