Cocaine in any form is a powerful drug that acts on the brain, causing feelings of euphoria. The more common forms of cocaine are crack cocaine, powder cocaine and freebase cocaine. All these forms of cocaine are powerful stimulants with short-lived effects. These stimulants tend to speed up the processes of the user’s body and mind.

Crack cocaine and freebase cocaine are usually smoked. These forms of the drug reach the brain very quickly. Powder cocaine, which is generally snorted, is absorbed much more slowly than the smoked versions. All forms of cocaine can be injected and when the drug is injected, it too reaches the brain very quickly. Freebase and crack are the most addictive forms of cocaine due to their high concentration of the drug.

Street names for the drug vary from country to country, but it can almost always be found under the common names of coke and crack. Even though highly illegal in every country around the world, its worldwide use remains extensive in a diversity of cultural, personal and social settings.

The use of cocaine in its crack and powder form is an enormous social problem. It is one that plagues families, friends and society as a whole. Cocaine has been around for many years and is one of the oldest drugs on the streets today. Crack, on the other hand, is a relatively new variant of the drug.

Crack is much more addictive than powder cocaine due to its high level of purity. Crack is also much cheaper to purchase than powder cocaine, making its use more widespread. We should fight cocaine addiction together by staying informed and paying attention for the signs of problems.