Mothers of Children who are Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs

Dealing with a Son or Daughter that is Caught in Addiction

Watching your son and daughter suffer because they are caught up in the downward spiral of addiction can feel unbearable at times. It can be difficult to comprehend why they just don’t stop the abuse when it is so obviously causing them great harm. As well as the concern that a mother will have for their child who is caught up in substance abuse, there can also be a great deal of anger at times. When people are caught up in addiction they will tend to be completely self-absorbed, and they will seem oblivious to the pain they are causing other people. They can cause misery for those around them, and at times, it will feel like they are doing this wilfully.

The worst thing about dealing with a son and daughter who is trapped in addiction is that a mother can feel powerless to help them. Every time that they try to plead with their child to get help, the response is either anger or empty promises. There may be times when the son and daughter do seem to be making a sincere effort to change, and this can mean that there is a great sense of hope, but then they just relapse, and it is back to business as usual. A mother will usually have tried everything they know to get their loved one to stop the substance abuse, but it just does not seem to do any good. It is understandable why parents will eventually lose hope, and may even decide that the only option is to at least temporarily become estranged to their child – this may particularly be the case where there are other people to protect.

If you are in this situation with your child then do not lose hope. There are plenty of options available out there for where you can go for support. This would include groups like Al-Anon and Family’s Anonymous. You are not alone when it comes to dealing with this situation. You can also contact us here on 0800 024 1478, and we will be able to offer advice on how you effectively motivate your child to accept the treatment help they need.

Hope for Mothers of Children Who are Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs

Despite all the broken promises, there will come a time when your child becomes fully ready and willing to end the addiction. This is sometimes referred to as hitting rock bottom, but this does not mean that the individual has to lose everything. In fact, some people will have a high rock bottom, which means that they will have needed to lose very little before they become ready to accept help for their addiction problems. To say that a person has hit rock bottom only means that they have reached a point where they have decided that enough is enough. Once your loved one reaches this point, there will be real hope of a recovery from addiction and the start of a life that is better than anything they have experienced before. There will still be a long way to go, but the tide will have turned.

It can be a frustrating process just waiting for your child to reach the point where they are ready to quit their addiction. Some families have found that approaches such as interventions where the individual is put in a position where family and friends force them to face the reality of their situation can be a great help. If you are considering trying to arrange an intervention it is best to do this in the most effective manner possible, and this usually involves getting the help of the professionals. It can also be important to have a rehab on standby, so that once the loved one agrees to get help they can be admitted right away – this way they will not have a chance to change their mind. If this is something that you would like to consider then you can contact us here on 0800 024 1478, and we will be able to offer you some advice about how to proceed.

Help for family, friends, and close ones is just as important as the help people suffering with addiction need. Seek support to find the right path.