The Risk of Relapse for Recovering Addicts

For anyone who has been through the process of rehabilitation for an addiction such as alcoholism, addiction relapse is a constant danger. During early recovery, it is common to spend time thinking of returning to the substance to which the person was addicted. The threat of relapse never goes away because it can just take one time for a person to succumb to temptation for them to be right back where they started.

Relapse is a continual worry for both the individual and their family because there is always that concern that if he or she does return to their addictive ways, they may never be able to go through the process of rehabilitation again. Family members will no doubt be constantly worrying about whether or not their loved one will relapse. The ever-present fear can place a terrible strain on relationships.

Public Struggles

One of the most high profile alcoholics is footballing legend Paul Gascoigne, whose struggles with alcohol have been well publicised. The media have followed Paul’s struggles, which have seen him in and out of rehabilitation many times over the years. Paul has tried to quit on numerous occasions but always seems to end up back on the booze at some stage; it seems he has succumbed to his demons once again.

Paul’s adopted daughter Bianca is now calling on fans of the star to stop buying alcohol for him. She said, “He’s had a big, big addiction relapse, and we’ve done everything we can to keep him on the straight and narrow.”

She said he had been due to attend a VIP party she was organising at the St James’s Gaslight Gentleman’s Club (a club that she manages) but had fallen off the wagon and could not make it. Bianca said that they know Paul needs help, and the family are trying to do everything they can to give him that help. However, she added, “But he needs to want to help himself – with Paul it is always very unpredictable. It is an ongoing illness; that is what people don’t understand. Addiction is such a strong thing.”

Hope of Recovery

In February this year, Paul appeared on the BT Sports programme, Fletch and Sav and fans were hopeful that he had finally beaten his addiction to alcoholism. Nonetheless, after hitting the bottle again, Bianca is fearful that her dad is back to square one.

She is furious with fans who are constantly buying booze for the star when he asks for it. She said, “People do it all the time – it’s how he gets it.”

Preventing Relapse

It is impossible to watch recovering addicts all of the time, especially as in the case of Paul Gascoigne, who lives alone. Nevertheless, if you have a loved one who has recently been through rehabilitation, there are signs to look out for which may signal a possible relapse. If you can learn to identify these signs and act upon them, you may be able to help prevent a relapse from occurring.

One of the major factors for relapse is boredom and a feeling of being ‘stuck’. Many recovering addicts will lose their motivation to stay sober because they feel they have no purpose in life. They will begin to think back to the days when they were using and will glamorise this. They will forget the troubles their addiction caused and will start to justify to themselves why they were better off when using.

Getting Help

If you have a loved one struggling with recovery, call Addiction Helper today. Our expert advisors can provide you with support and advice on how to deal with this situation to help prevent a relapse. Call today for more information.

Source: The Daily Star 

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