Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Cyprus

There is a significant number of English speaking expats and long-term tourists staying in Cyprus. Some of these people may develop addiction problems during their stay, and they may struggle to find the help they need to overcome their substance abuse problem while remaining on the island. There are many good reasons for why people might decide to travel abroad for addiction treatment. There are now a number of facilities within in short plane trip from the island that offer high quality addiction treatment at affordable prices. This is a beautiful part of the world with a favourable climate, and this can make it a good choice for those who are serious about putting the pain of addiction behind them.

Benefits of Choosing a Rehab in Cyprus

There are a number of good reasons for why people might want to choose a foreign rehab including:

  • Foreign rehabs may provide a nice environment for those who are trying to recover from an addiction problem. The environment that a person is staying in will have an impact on their mood, so by choosing a rehab in a foreign country the individual may be able to encourage the type of positive mental state that will help them give rehab their best shot.
  • It can sometimes be difficult for people to see beyond their current opinions and beliefs if they remain in the same environment. By travelling to a rehab away from their usual temptations and stresses, the individual may well be able to develop a new perspective on things, and this will increase the likelihood that they will be able to break away from addiction.
  • One of the main reasons for why medical tourism has become popular is that people now realise that they have more options and can get better deals by travelling abroad for the help they need. This reasoning can also be why people may choose somewhere like Thailand or South Africa for their addiction solution. Even when the individual considers their travel expenses, it can be cheaper for them to seek the help they need abroad.
  • All rehabs around the world take the privacy of their clients seriously, but the individual may still feel a bit more secure if they choose a facility abroad. That way there will even be less chance they will be spotted by somebody they know (or know of). The individual can just tell family, friends, or work colleagues that they are taking a foreign holiday, and they might even come back with a tan to prove it.
  • Breaking away from an addiction is one of the most positive things that a person can do. It is a real life changer, and the person will be literally saving his or her own life. This is such a momentous event that it does seem reasonable that the person should go somewhere special to recover. This will help to make sure that this beginning of their new life will occur in the best possible environment.
  • There are only a relatively small number of rehabs in Cyprus, so even nationals may decide that it is best if they will benefit by going somewhere else for rehab. There will be some individuals who find that a certain treatment program offered by a foreign rehab resonates with them and is, therefore, the most obvious choice. It is worth travelling abroad for addiction help if the program on offer is more likely to prove successful than a more local option.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab in Cyprus

Here are a few things worth considering in regards to going abroad for addiction help:

  • It is important to keep in mind that there is no magical solution to addiction problems. Even the best rehab in the world will only be able to offer the individual the tools and other resources that they need. At the end of the day, it will still be up to the person to make the best use of these resources. It will be possible for a determined individual to make progress no matter which rehab they choose, but even the most respected facility will not be able to offer much to those who are not serious about ending their addiction.
  • If the person goes to a rehab in a foreign country, it is vital that they have realistic expectations. If they expect to much they will end up disappointed, and they will then use this as a justification for relapse. Things are not going to be perfect overnight, and the individual needs to be prepared to put in a good deal of effort in order to make progress. The first few months of recovery tend to be full of difficulties, and the individual needs to be prepared for this.
  • It is crucial that the individual has appropriate aftercare following rehab. If this is not in place, it will mean that all the good work in the treatment facility can be quickly undone. When the person leaves rehab they will not be cured, but instead they will have taken their first tentative steps towards a new and better way of living. In order for the individual to continue making progress they will need to do additional work once they leave rehab.
  • Those people who are returning home following rehab will need to think about their own aftercare. There will be some good options for this. One of the most popular solutions will be to choose a 12 Step fellowship program. This will give the individual access to a sober network and it will provide them with a program for living in recovery.
  • In order for the person to get the most out of any type of rehab, they will need to be willing to keep an open mind and give the program their best shot. It is common for people who fall into addiction to suffer from demand resistance where they automatically rebel if other people try to tell them what to do. In rehab, the person needs to be willing to put their pride aside and have the humility to be teachable. The person needs to keep in mind that if they had all the answers already they would not have needed to go to rehab.

Let Us Help You Find an Appropriate Rehab

It will often be the case that your best option for addiction treatment will be to travel beyond Cyprus. Fortunately, some superb facilities are only a short plane journey away from this island. There are rehabs in Spain and Portugal that have an excellent international reputation, and these will definitely be able to assist you in your first steps into recovery. If you are willing to travel further afield, you will certainly want to consider options such as South Africa, Thailand, Canada, and the United States. In order to decide which international option would be the best one to take you can contact us here, and when you come to a decision, we will be then able to arrange everything for you.