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Anybody who wants to get rid of an addiction in Whitby will want to know how they can find the drug and alcohol counselling they need to cure them of their issues. An alcohol detox is a difficult thing to undergo at the best of times. But if this is compounded by the lack of information on how to get into alcohol and drug addiction centres in the first place and it can put the individual off of rehab altogether. Addiction Helper has a 24/7 helpline with all the information that you need about drug and alcohol rehab in Whitby and beyond. We can give you advice based on your personal, financial, and work circumstances as well as your level of addiction.

Getting into alcohol and drug rehab in Whitby does not have to be a difficult endeavour. Addiction Helper has access to private rehabs, NHS services, local charities, support groups, and community forums, and we can help you with the admission process at any one of these facilities.

Entering Alcohol Rehab

This is a step-by-step guide for those who want to get into alcohol and drug treatment clinics in Whitby:

  1. The first thing to do is to be sure of the decision being made. To enter alcohol and drug addiction centres is to accept a complete change of lifestyle. Life in alcohol and drug treatment centres is radically different to what most people are used to. Don’t let anybody be forced into making a monumental decision like this.
  2. Call the private Whitby helpline to speak to them about the possibility of undergoing some form of alcohol detox within these facilities. A healthcare professional will provide some additional information on the clinic to help the individual make a better-informed decision.
  3. A phone diagnosis will be performed with a trained doctor who can accurately determine which treatment options are best for the individual patient. They do this by asking a few lifestyle questions, which are the vehicles by which they can make an accurate diagnosis.
  4. Take the advice of the member of staff after a diagnosis has been given. They can best determine which form of treatment is best and what will work.

It should not take long from this point for the patient to find themselves undergoing drug and alcohol counselling in rehab; as long as all the entry requirements are met, which differ depending on the facility in question.

What Can I Expect from Drug Rehab in Whitby?

Once you have decided to attend a drug or alcohol rehab in Whitby, it is important that you prepare yourself for the rehabilitation process.

The first step is to go through detoxification. Although you can do this at home, we strongly advise that you do this under medical supervision. This means that you should enter a specialised rehab facility that can deal with detox and withdrawal, or you should have your GP or another doctor admit you to hospital for the duration of the detox.

Withdrawal symptoms are very unpleasant, but they can be better managed with medication. A doctor can prescribe these medications for you to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms, as well as control the cravings. Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous. This is why you need a medical professional to monitor your progress and your health on a daily basis. They can take the appropriate action if they know what is happening with you. It is not advisable to do detox and withdraw ‘cold turkey’ or on your own at home.

Once you have completed the detox phase, you can decide whether you want to stay in rehab in Whitby for a full treatment programme, which could last between three and 12 weeks. Once again, we advise that you participate in an inpatient treatment programme. Being an inpatient means you are removed from your daily life, as well as the people who influence your addictive behaviour, the problems that you face, and the temptations that you will have to resist. Your sole focus in rehab is on getting better.

As and outpatient, you will still need to deal with your day-to-day challenges and temptations while trying to stay sober and get well. Although it can be done, you will need a lot of support and stability in order to make it work for you.

Upon completion of your treatment programme, you will have the option of participating in an aftercare programme for up to a year. Usually, your rehab facility will offer this free of charge. As the first year of sobriety without a relapse is vital for long-term sobriety, we strongly recommend that you participate in the aftercare programme. You can also join a local charity, support group, or a community forum like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narconon, or Narcotics Anonymous.


Featured Whitby Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Therapies Does Rehab in Whitby Offer Me?

The therapy that you receive will vary from rehab to rehab. If you enter a private rehab, you will be assessed and a bespoke therapy programme will be devised for you to address your specific needs and requirements.

The different therapies will be presented either on an individual basis (such as your individual counselling), or group therapy sessions. Their aims are to change your thought patterns so that you will think differently about the situations that you find yourself in and deal with them differently so that you do not have to take drugs or alcohol. You will also learn new life skills and coping mechanisms to help you avoid a relapse. During your sessions, both individual and group, you will be given the opportunity to learn and practice these skills in a safe and secure environment where there is a therapist or counsellor on hand to help and guide you through the process.

Therapy sessions could be anything from counselling sessions (individual and group) to educational and vocational training to help you find a job when you leave rehab. There could also be creative sessions where you will learn new hobbies and more appropriate ways of expressing your emotions, as well as ways of staying busy so that the temptation to use drugs or drink alcohol is kept at bay.

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