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When it comes to drug and alcohol abuse in the town of Mexborough, things are no different to any other part of the UK. These problems exist here just as they do elsewhere in the country. As such, there is a growing need for both drug and alcohol rehab in Mexborough and beyond.

Here at Addiction Helper, we believe that those affected by addiction should be able to access alcohol and drug rehab in Mexborough as quickly and easily as they could treatment for any other illness. We are therefore working hard to connect those who need treatment with the facilities that provide it.

We know that there is still a stigma attached to addiction that prevents those affected from reaching out. The issue of shame and embarrassment still surrounds addiction, with many under the impression that it is a consequence for having a poor moral character. This is completely untrue; addiction is actually a recognised illness of the brain and one that can affect anyone, no matter how old they are, where they come from, or how much money they have.

Do You Need an Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Mexborough?

As with all other parts of the UK, drug and alcohol rehab in Mexborough is a necessity. This is an illness that has a negative impact on individuals, family members, friends, colleagues, entire communities, and the economy.

Substance abuse is responsible for poor health, relationship breakdown, unemployment, poverty, crime, homelessness, and premature death. As a result, it places a massive strain on emergency services. It also affects every single taxpayer as money is required to treat addicts and related illnesses and injuries as well as policing and prosecuting addiction-related crimes.

It is easy to see why alcohol and drug rehab in Mexborough and other parts of the UK is so vital. Treating addiction is far better than paying for the consequences of this illness. For the individual, there are many ways that rehab can improve their lives. Below are a few examples of the damage that addiction causes to the affected person:

  • Physical Health – There are a number of health conditions linked to substance abuse and addiction including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and some forms of cancer.
  • Mental Health – It is not just physical health that suffers as a result of addiction. Those who are physically dependent on substances such as alcohol or drugs often suffer with mental health problems including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis, and dementia.
  • Relationships – It is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with loved ones when addicted to chemical substances. Addiction alters the way the brain functions and causes those affected to act in a manner that they would never have done previously. Addicts often become selfish, manipulative, and inconsiderate, which tends to have a deep and lasting effect on their relationships with loved ones.
  • Finances – Being addicted to drugs or alcohol tends to have a knock-on effect on finances. As well as being unable to perform work properly, the need to fund the addiction can eat into an individual’s income, leaving him or her struggling to pay essential bills.

With rehab in Mexborough and other parts of the UK, much of the damage that is caused by addiction can be reversed. The individual and his or her family members will notice a difference and the community and economy will also benefit.

What Happens before Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Before rehab in Mexborough can begin, the individual must be ready and willing to accept that the problem exists. This may not be as easy as it sounds, though. In many instances, those affected by addiction cannot see the seriousness of their situation. They find it hard to comprehend why their loved ones are worried and believe they have their drinking or drug taking completely under control. This is usually because they have never tried to quit or cut back. Once they do, they may begin to realise what all the fuss is about.

When the addict is finally ready to accept that he or she has an illness and wants to change, it will usually be necessary for a physical detox to take place. This is the process that deals with the physical side of the addiction. A detox must take place for anyone with a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol as they will need to be completely clean before they can begin their treatment.

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What to Expect from Rehab in Mexborough?

After a detox, the patient can consider a programme of rehabilitation in either an inpatient or outpatient facility. While the treatments offered in both programmes will be similar, there are slight differences between the way each programme is run. Below is a brief guideline to both:

  • Inpatient Programmes – Inpatient programmes tend to be provided by private clinics and typically last for between six and eight weeks. The environment is usually quiet and tranquil and there are no distractions. This means the patient can spend his or her time concentrating on their recovery and nothing else.
  • Outpatient Programmes – With an outpatient programme, patients do not stay in the clinic. Instead, they attend regular counselling and therapy sessions and as this type of programme is less intensive than a residential programme, it usually lasts for longer.

You can expect to be treated with a number of different therapies, including one-to-one counselling, peer-to-peer group therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, and twelve-step work. As every individual is different, most providers recognise the need for bespoke treatment plans designed around the needs of the individual.

The benefit of bespoke treatment plans is that they are created with the specific needs of the individual in mind and can be quickly and easily altered if any aspect does not appear to be working as expected.

If you or a loved one is in need of help for addiction, contact us here at Addiction Helper today. We have a team of counsellors and advisors on standby to take your call, many of whom have their own experiences of addiction and are living proof that even the most severe illness can be overcome with the right help and support.

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