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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Leeds

Preventing the onset of an addiction relapse isn’t easy. It can be difficult for people to determine if they are dealing with an addiction problem. Even when the signs are there, the individual might still find a way to explain these away. Nobody likes to admit that their drinking or drug use is out of control, and the addicted mind has a fantastic ability to generate justifications.

Do You Have an Addiction Problem?

The fact that the person is even asking questions about their alcohol or drug use is often a sign that there may be a problem – social drinkers do not have such concerns.

There will usually be plenty of evidence that the person has developed an addiction problem including:

  • They continue to engage in this behaviour even though it is obviously causing them harm.
  • They have tried to control their drinking or drug use but they are able to maintain this control long term.
  • The individual sometimes suspects that their life would be better if they didn’t engage in substance abuse.
  • They do things that they later regret while under the influence of these substances.
  • The individual may be exhibiting the signs of physical dependence. The two classic signs of this will be increased tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. The fact that the person has increased tolerance means that they now need to use more of the same substance in order to get the same effect. Withdrawal symptoms are negative reactions that occur in the body due to the reduction or abrupt cessation of alcohol and drugs.
  • The person may be exhibiting signs of psychological dependence. This would include things like cravings, or the feeling of being unable to cope without these substances.
  • The person may fail to meet their work or family responsibilities as a result of their addiction.
  • They need to take time off work due to hangovers.
  • The person has experienced blackouts. This means that there have been periods of time where they were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but they can’t remember it.
  • The individual may be willing to engage in unethical behaviour in order to obtain these substances. For example, a person might lie to their doctor in order to get their hands on opiate pain medication.

How to End Addiction Problems in Leeds

Within Leeds, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres everything that can be done is done to help patients defend against the possibility of a relapse. Drug and alcohol treatment centres implement an array of different methods; here’s a taste of some of the good work Leeds alcohol support does to help its patients with this major problem:


There’s nearly always an emotional reason for an addiction. Drug and alcoholic help must discover this issue if they are to prevent the onset of a relapse in the future.
Group and individual counselling will be implemented to help people cope with their issues. By removing the key issues the need for drugs and alcohol is taken away.


Distractions lessen the intensity of cravings because the mind is focusing on something else. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are always looking to take advantage of this.
The nature of the treatment programs within drug alcohol treatment centres acts as a distraction from the worst of the cravings.
By teaching people new skills through a variety of activities being held for residents to enjoy, each person is gaining the benefit of a new skills and a past-time which takes their focus away from their cravings.

Knowledge of Support

People who enter rehabilitation know they always have options after they leave rehabilitation.
One form of drug and alcohol support is aftercare programs which give patients the same support they enjoyed within residential rehab. This enables them to avoid succumbing to their cravings as a direct result of a sudden lack of support. Through this method of rehabilitation they are able to learn to support themselves in their own time.

There are a number of different options available for people who want to end their addiction in Leeds including:

  • Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres offer the best of the available treatment options in a therapeutic environment.
  • Alcohol and drug counselling can help the individual understand their predicament and how they can escape this mess.
  • Motivational interviewing can help the individual develop the motivation to quit.
  • Therapy session can help the person get to the root of their problem.
  • Group therapy can allow the individual to look for solutions for their problems with the help of other people in a similar situation.
  • Fellowship groups will help the individual not only stay free of addiction, but they can also provide people with a program for living.

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