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Breaking an addiction is never easy. It’s incredibly difficult to fight back against a body and mind which is resisting both physically and mentally. It can make staying away from drugs and alcohol almost impossible. Drug rehab clinics have all the tools needed to beat addictions, and help for alcoholics and substance abusers all starts with detoxification from rehab clinics. At, Addiction Helper, we have access to private rehabs, NHS services, local charities, support groups, and community forums; we are in the best position to advise you on which drug or alcohol rehab in Halifax is the best suited to your situation and requirements.

There are many facilities for alcohol and drug rehab in Halifax and the surrounding area, and we can help you find the one that best meets your needs and requirements. If money is an issue for private rehab, we can help you with the process of getting onto the NHS waiting list or finding charity organisations willing to help. Some private rehabs will also accept government funding if you qualify for it. We can answer all your questions on these and many other questions you might have when you call our 24/7 helpline.

Detox at Alcohol Rehab in Halifax

Cleaning House 

Rehabilitation is often the focus of most people because this is where they are treated for their addictions. What needs to be remembered is rehab alcohol and drugs at the rehabilitation stage can’t be completed successfully without the detoxification stage. Only through a healthy mind and body can somebody have the ability to successfully target the source of their addictions and beat it.


The rehab itself will consist of a detox program which will make up the early days of treatment. The way these cravings and withdrawal symptoms are treated will depend entirely on the addiction, which will be assessed at the beginning of the program. People will always have the medical attention they need in case a withdrawal symptom causes health complications, though.

The main difference comes into play when confronting severe addictions. Serious addictions need special medications to cope with. These medications are only available as help for alcoholics and substance abusers when it comes to the private sector. The reason they are so effective at rehab alcohol and drugs is because they satiate the body’s hunger for drugs and alcohol. At the same time, they don’t cause the individual to become addicted because any addictive chemicals have been removed from the special blend.

Take note, none of these substances cause any additional health complications and are completely harmless to the people who take them.

What Treatment Can I Expect at Drug Rehab in Halifax?

After completing your detox, you will go into rehab with either an inpatient outpatient treatment programme. Both types of programme will consist of many different therapies aimed at helping you recover from your addiction.

One of the first therapies you will encounter in most facilities is individual counselling. This is talk-based therapy where you discuss your addiction, addictive behaviour, and what caused you to become addicted. You will also talk about ways to manage your life differently so that drug or alcohol abuse is no longer an option.

Another form of therapy that you will encounter quite widely is group therapy. This could take the form of talk therapy or other kinds of activities aimed at teaching you new life skills, thought patterns, and coping mechanisms in order to deal with life after rehab without the ‘aid’ of drugs or alcohol. All the therapy is conducted in a safe and secure environment so that you can experiment with your new skills and learn from your mistakes without it having serious consequences for your life. There is always a therapist or counsellor available to guide you through the process and help you make more appropriate choices.

Other therapies include diet and fitness therapies, where you are taught how to look after yourself and your body in order to stay healthy. The exercises are also aimed at helping you find an outlet for your emotions without having to resort to drug or alcohol abuse.

Body image therapy is aimed at teaching you to see yourself and your body in a positive way. You will learn to love yourself as you are and acknowledge any shortcomings in a positive light instead of a negative, destructive way that could lead you back to using drugs or alcohol.

There are also educational and vocational classes that are aimed at teaching you the skills that you can use after rehab in order to find and keep a job. These will also teach you skills that you can use in your spare time to develop new hobbies that will occupy your time and help prevent you from relapsing because you are bored.

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What Do I Do After Rehab in Halifax?

Upon completion of your rehab in Halifax, you have several options open to you.

Your first is to participate in an aftercare programme. Most rehabs offer aftercare free of charge for a period of 12 months after completing your treatment programme. It is very important that you consider participating, whether this happens to be in Halifax, the surrounding area, or elsewhere. Statistics show that if you can stay sober during the 12 months following rehab, you have a statistically better chance of long-term sobriety.

Another option is getting involved with one of the local charities in your area. Helping other people is very fulfilling work and will help you stay occupied and, therefore, out of trouble and away from drugs and alcohol. Charities by their very nature are supportive structures, so you will have support in your recovery process. If you cannot find a permanent job, charity work will help you learn and hone the skills that you need in order to finally get that dream job that you are looking for.

You could also join a local support group or community forum where you will receive support and advice from people who are or were in the same situation that you are in now.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Halifax:


Alcoholics Anonymous
Ebenezer Church, St James Rd, HX1 1YS
Thursday, 19:30

Take note, none of these substances cause any additional health complications and are completely harmless to the people who take them.

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