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Not opting for addiction help in Bridlington is incredibly dangerous for affected individuals. Failure to choose rehab is making the chances of defeating addiction that much more difficult because of the high level of addiction support offered within these facilities. In short, professional drug or alcohol rehab in Bridlington is essential to recovery.

Anybody who wants to opt for addiction treatment to beat a drug or alcohol addiction will consider choosing residential rehab over outpatient treatment. Below are listed just some of the reasons why not choosing residential drug rehab in Bridlington is a major problem:

  • The first issue comes with the fact not seeking addiction help reduces the average life expectancies of people suffering from addictions significantly. Many heroin addicts die before they reach the age of 40.
  • An addiction doesn’t just impact the sufferer; it impacts everybody they come into contact with. The pain of having to deal with somebody who doesn’t want to find addiction support is unimaginable unless having gone through the experience personally.
  • The state system won’t provide addiction treatment for people who need to beat an alcohol addiction. Since they have large waiting lists and will only treat certain issues a lot of people are left out in the cold at the hands of the public-sector system.
  • Patients will soon discover the best treatments can only be found in the private sector due to vastly superior funding streams. These funding streams are also not at the mercy of any upcoming government cuts or changes to the healthcare budget. No patient should have to sit in fear that their support services are going to disappear without warning.

Private rehabilitation is essential to beating an addiction. Don’t risk human life as a result of not seeking help, or the emotions of others. Do the right thing and find help for any addiction. Sufferers are welcomed into rehabilitation with open arms and open minds.

Five Ways Rehab in Bridlington Can Help

You have learned from the previous paragraphs the downside of not opting for private rehab in Bridlington. Now we want to address how rehab can help you. The more you know about the positive aspects of drug and alcohol rehab, the more easily you will be able to see why it is your best option for overcoming addiction.

First, rehab can help by offering you a safe and secure environment in which to detox. Please understand that detox is considered a medical emergency. Depending on the drugs you are using, the withdrawal symptoms you experience could be life-threatening. Undergoing detox without medical supervision is simply not wise.

Second, rehab can help by offering you a distraction-free environment in which to address your addiction issues. An environment that is free from the cares of daily life is one more conducive to recovery because it will allow you to focus entirely on your treatments.

Third, rehab can help you better understand the addictive tendencies you possess. Why is this important? Because until you understand why you engage in addictive behaviour, it is nearly impossible to correct it. You need to get to the root causes of addiction if you are ever going to beat it.

Next, rehab can help you by equipping you with the tools and strategies necessary to avoid using drugs or alcohol in the future. It is one thing to stop drinking or using; it is another thing to maintain permanent abstinence. And by the way, permanent abstinence is the only real cure for addiction. You need rehab to equip you to abstain for the rest of your life.

Finally, rehab can help you by establishing a strong support system that will be there during the most trying times. Research has shown that addicts with a strong support system are more likely to not only overcome addiction issues but to also go on to permanent abstinence.

Your Time at Alcohol Rehab in Bridlington

The average residential rehab programme takes between three and 12 weeks to complete. How long you would need to be in a residential facility would be determined by the seriousness of your addiction issue and the bespoke treatment plan put together by your doctors and therapists. As a general rule, longer stays tend to produce better results.

Assuming a full 12-week programme, the first week will be devoted to detox. Thereafter, you would participate in a series of psychotherapeutic treatments that would include counselling and other activities targeted at uncovering and addressing the deep-rooted causes of addiction.

Your residential treatment programme would conclude with the transition to aftercare. A good aftercare programme includes ongoing counselling and participation in a local, 12-step fellowship. Ongoing medical treatment would be offered if necessary.

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12-Step Work and Drug Rehab in Bridlington

The last thing you should know about drug and alcohol rehab in a residential setting is that it often includes 12-step work similar to what is offered by organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous. Though the 12-step model is certainly not universal, it is the most widely used model in the UK. It is built on the underlying belief that recovering addicts have the biggest role in overcoming addiction issues.

The kinds of 12-step work that might be done in a residential rehab programme do not end at discharge. Rather, the patient carries on with those things through the local support group. Support group meetings would build on what was learned in residential rehab through group counselling, mutual support discussions, and even shared leisure activities.

It is important that patients continue 12-step work after leaving residential rehab. Doing so alongside other recovering addicts in a group setting provides a strong mechanism for avoiding relapse. Support group members lean on one another, provide mutual support, go to one another for advice, and generally provide an encouraging environment that acts as the individual member’s strongest support system.

Are you currently trying to fight a drug or alcohol addiction on your own? If so, it is time for you to stop trying to be your own therapist. It is time to consider residential rehab in Bridlington. Addiction Helper is here to get you started. Feel free to contact us any time for sound advice and a referral to local treatment clinic.

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