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There can be profound consequences for those who abuse substances such as alcohol and drugs. As well as the risk of long-term health problems, there may be problems within relationships and financial struggles to contend with. However, the damage that is caused by substance abuse and addiction is not reserved for the individual. This is an illness that has a knock-on effect on many others. Family members and friends of addicts are severely impacted, but so too are communities around the UK. In Stourbridge, many people feel the full force of addiction in some way or another. The good news is that these problems do not have to continue. Help is available for those affected by addiction by way of both drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge.

There are many people working together to help encourage as many affected individuals as possible throughout the UK to accept the need for addiction treatment. This includes health experts, government officials and those in the addiction services industry. We are part of this team of people helping those affected to access alcohol and drug rehab in Stourbridge and beyond. If your life is being taken over by an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you can speak to us now.

We are a referral service and it is our job to connect those in need of rehab in Stourbridge with the organisations that provide it. We work closely with providers of free and paid-for services because we know that the more choice the affected individual has, the more likely it is that he or she will be able to access a programme that works for all their needs.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Stourbridge?

It is often hard for those who find themselves losing control of their substance use to admit it. Using substances such as alcohol for recreational purposes or prescription medication to treat legitimate illnesses is seen as acceptable, but when use of these mood-altering substances gets out of control, it is viewed in an entirely different light. There is a huge amount of stigma attached to substance abuse and addiction, and as such most of those affected are reluctant to accept a diagnosis of ‘addict’.

It is important to think carefully about your substance use in recent times to determine if you have a need for alcohol or drug rehab in Stourbridge. If your consumption levels have increased, it could be that you have an increased tolerance. What this means is that you now need more of the substance you are taking to achieve the desired effects.

If you continue to increase your level of substance use, you are likely to find that you develop a physical dependence where your body will crave the substance whenever the effects wear off. This is usually the precursor to addiction.

If you regularly experience withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, sweating and shaking when in need of a chemical substance, it is likely that you already have a physical addiction. If so, you need help.

Can You Overcome Your Addiction with Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

If you have been living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol for some time now, you might not even remember the time when you did not abuse these substances. Maybe you cannot imagine a life where they are not present. What you should know though is that anyone can overcome an addiction if he or she has the right help and support and a mindset to get better.

There is absolutely no reason you should have to continue living under the cloud of addiction when both drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge is available. And with the help of Addiction Helper, you can access a programme to suit within days. There has never been a better time for you to reach out for help. Each day you delay is another day you are never going to get back.

We urge you to get in touch with us today for helpful information and advice on the process of recovery in your area. You can talk to our advisors about the next steps you should take to get back on your feet. Some of our advisors will be able to provide you with first-hand knowledge and experience of the recovery process, having overcome their own addictions.

We want you to know that a substance-free life can be yours if you are willing to take a chance and put yourself in the hands of professional counsellors and therapists who will help you to learn how to put substance use behind you for good. All we ask is that you give us a call and we will start working on your behalf immediately.

Featured Stourbridge Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Do You Need a Detox before Rehab?

A detox is not always necessary before a programme of rehabilitation, but if you have a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs, you will need to get clean before you can learn how to live a substance-free life going forward.

The reason a detox is required is because you must tackle the physical side of your illness before you can even attempt a programme of rehab in Stourbridge. Rehab is a very emotional process that encourages you to look deep into your past to get to the root cause of the illness.

If substance use still clouds your mind and body, you are likely to find rehab much more difficult to deal with. In the early days of recovery, you will feel quite fragile and unwell. A detox programme usually lasts for around seven to ten days, and it takes this long for all the built-up chemicals and toxins to be expelled and for you to be feeling strong enough to tackle the emotional and psychological elements of the illness. That is why detox must take place before rehabilitation.

If you are ready to get started on your journey towards sobriety, please contact Addiction Helper today. Our advisors are on standby waiting to provide answers to your queries or advice about the treatment options in Stourbridge.

You can contact us via our 24-hour helpline or by using the contact page on our website and we will get in touch with you.

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