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Great Malvern

In Great Malvern there are treatment centres which addicted individuals can take advantage of. These alcohol and drug addiction centres have everything in place for giving people hope. They are far superior to the state system in every single way, and this is the reason why more patients are applying to these alcohol and drug treatment centres for an alcohol detox and drug alcohol counselling.

No Man Left Behind

These alcohol and drug addiction centres operate a policy where nobody will be left behind because all addictions are valid within these facilities. Believe it or not, the state system will only give therapy and other treatments to people who have certain addictions. If somebody has a soft drug addiction, such as one involving prescription drugs, they won’t be accepted unless they happen to be on the verge of collapse.

Addiction Rehab Now

Alcohol and drug treatment centres in the public sector have massive waiting lists. It means people who could be cured relatively easily before their addictions take hold are left to suffer as a result of these waiting lists. In the private sector people can get the drug counselling they need when they need it. There are no huge waiting lists in place for people here.

No Fear

One of the biggest fears prospective patients have when opting for a drug alcohol detox in a certified clinic is a meeting with a doctor. This is the major sticking point, but with these private rehab clinics those fears are alleviated because they don’t have to undergo a face-to-face diagnosis. Instead, the whole process can be done over the phone. All it takes is one phone call and the individual could find themselves walking through those doors into Great Malvern rehab within a matter of days.

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