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The stereotype of the alcohol and drug addict can hide the reality that this type of condition can impact people from all walks of life. Most people in need of addiction treatment do not end up drinking out of a paper bag or injecting heroin in a dirty back alley. In fact, it is common for people caught in addiction to be functioning at a relatively high level. There are examples of these high functioning substance abusers in Winchester just like there is in the rest of the UK. It is vital that these individuals receive some type of addiction treatment to end their problem or they will eventually end up losing everything.

High Functioning Addiction Explained

It is possible for people in Winchester to be addicted to alcohol or drugs yet they will appear perfectly normal to outsiders. In fact this individual may be very successful in their career and a respected member of the community. Most people who fall into addiction become skilled at hiding their excesses but the high functioning substance abuser is particularly good at it.

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The problem is that the fact that they are doing so well can mean that it is less likely that they will receive the addiction treatment they need because:

  • This individual will often be the most resistant to things like drug and alcohol detox because they want to protect their reputation. They fail to realise that without such help they might not have a reputation to protect.
  • The individual can feel entitled to their successes because of their success. They can tell family and friends that they deserve to let their hair down after working hard.
  • These people will often work in careers where hard drinking and drug use is considered normal – maybe even a perk of the job.

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