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The impact of substance abuse and addiction is felt in every part of the UK. From cities such as London to towns like Trowbridge, millions of lives are being negatively affected. With abuse of substances such as alcohol and drugs causing harm to health, relationships, and finances, it is clear that something needs to be done. The good news is that help is available by way of drug and alcohol rehab in Trowbridge.

Addiction services are available in all parts of the United Kingdom and are provided by organisations such as the NHS, charities, local support groups and private clinics. As a referral service, Addiction Helper works with them all. It is our mission to be the link between those who need alcohol and drug rehab in Trowbridge and the organisations that provide it.

We understand that everyone has unique needs in terms of the type of treatment programme they can access. With so many options available when it comes to rehab in Trowbridge, we want you to know that no matter what your circumstances, we can find a programme that works for you. It is our mission to make it easier and quicker for those affected by addiction to access the help they need to get better. In order to put you in touch with a suitable treatment provider, all we need from you is a moment of your time.

Helping You Access Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Trowbridge

We do not provide alcohol or drug rehab in Trowbridge ourselves; what we do is connect you to those facilities that do. We do not charge for this valuable service that will save you hours of precious time. Trying to find a treatment provider yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating. Without knowing what you should be looking for in a treatment provider, you might struggle to find one to suit.

You will also need to know what your treatment needs are, and this is where we can help. We can fully assess your situation to determine if you have a need for treatment and, if so, we can then match you to the organisations that will work best for you.

When you contact us, this is what will happen:

  1. Your call will be taken by an experienced advisor who will listen to whatever you have to say.
  2. You will be offered a free and fully comprehensive assessment that will allow us to determine your level of substance misuse.
  3. We will then match you to a number of providers of drug or alcohol rehab in Trowbridge and will discuss each one in detail with you.
  4. If you decide to move forward to treatment, we can help you to make the best decision based on your needs.
  5. If you require assistance with the admissions process, we will help.

What to Expect from Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Trowbridge?

If you have accepted your need for rehab in Trowbridge, it makes sense that you would want to know a bit more about it before you make any further decisions. You should know that if you have a severe physical addiction to alcohol or drugs, you are more than likely going to need to complete a detox before you can get started on your rehabilitation treatment.

A detox is designed to break the physical addiction and begins when you stop using alcohol or drugs. After a number of hours, you may start to notice the first signs of withdrawal with symptoms such as headaches, nausea, shaking, vomiting, sweating and mood swings. As the detox progresses, these symptoms might worsen.

The type of symptoms that you experience and how severe these will be depend on the substance you were abusing and how long you had been abusing it for. The more severe the addiction, the more severe the symptoms. Nevertheless, other factors can affect the progress of the detox including age and the existence of underlying medical health problems.

Rehab programmes are necessary after a detox and are based on either the day care or residential models. Residential programmes tend to be offered by private clinics and these provide the best chance of overcoming your illness in the shortest amount of time. Nonetheless, they are not suitable for everyone.

There are some individuals who cannot access inpatient programmes due to commitments at home or work. Others would simply not flourish in an inpatient environment because they would be unable to concentrate on recovery if separated from loved ones for an extended period. The alternative is the outpatient programme.

Outpatient programmes are usually provided by the NHS, charities, and local support groups. They differ from inpatient programmes in that there is no overnight stay involved and they are far less intensive. As such, these programmes tend to continue for longer than the six to eight weeks required by an inpatient programme.

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Committing to Rehab

To overcome your addiction permanently, you will need to complete a comprehensive recovery programme that includes a detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. However, there is more to addiction recovery than just going through the motions.

To get the most from your recovery, it is essential that you commit to the programme. This means being willing to make the necessary changes and doing everything asked of you. You cannot expect the staff at the facility to recover for you.

While these professionals want nothing more than to see you succeed, and doing everything in their power to make it happen, the onus is on you to take charge of your recovery. If you have a half-hearted attitude, you are unlikely to get what you need or want from your recovery.

If you want to put an end to your substance abuse and go on to live a healthier and happier life, you must be prepared to do all it takes to get there.

For more information on addiction and the recovery process in Trowbridge, please contact Addiction Helper today. You can do so via our dedicated 24-hour helpline or by using the contact information on this website and we will call you.

We are here to offer helpful information and advice to addicts and their families. We also offer free and fully confidential evaluations as well as referrals to treatment providers in all parts of the UK. Please call to find out more about how we can help you.

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