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Being introduced to a Salisbury drug rehab clinic can be quite a difficult experience to cope with. Not everybody has the courage to simply march into this new regime with an open mind. This is why it’s always a good idea to know about private drug rehabilitation before the time comes to enter a drug rehab centre.

A Warm Welcome

A warm welcome is given to all new residents. Rather than throwing patients straight into drug counselling they are brought into the fold gently. A tour of the facility and introductions with some of the key staff members within the facility will commence in the first few hours. This is designed to adjust new patients to their new structure without overwhelming them.

Meeting the Patients

Meeting the patients will come soon after moving in to the drug rehab facility in Salisbury. The first group support session is an informal affair where new residents will introduce themselves and speak to their fellow residents. It’s crucial these bonds are created early so a support system can be prepared for the future. Group support systems are a regular part of life within drug rehabilitation and are a form of drug counselling. They enable people to use the spirit of their peers to guide them through the tougher times within drug rehabilitation.


Detoxification is an essential part of any person’s first steps into a new life. The individual will be assessed to see which detox treatment they would benefit the most from. It will depend entirely on the type and severity of the addiction. These detox treatments will be carried out over the next few weeks in an attempt to lay the foundations for the future. A detox is something which lasts for the next few months and years. Only after a long period of struggle can the detox truly end because there will always be lingering substances in the body.

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