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Wigtown drug and alcohol counselling is at the forefront of rehabilitation programs in the area. But the first step is deciding to enter alcohol and drug addiction centres for treatment. Nobody can undergo any form of drug and alcohol detox if they aren’t completely confident in their decision to join one of many alcohol and drug treatment centres in the Wigtown area. Here’s the information prospective patients need to enrol in one of the many clinics in Wigtown.

  1. Call the private Wigtown helpline and enquire about the possibility of entering rehab. The trained healthcare staff member will discuss the intricacies of rehabilitation to help better inform the individual about exactly what they are signing up for.
  2. After this is done and the individual is still sure this is the decision for them a phone diagnosis will be conducted. These diagnoses generally consist of some questions enquiring into the person’s lifestyle and addiction. They are not too taxing and won’t delve into any of the emotional issues which caused the addiction in the first place.
  3. With the diagnosis complete, the individual will receive advice and guidance on where the best place for them is. The staff member will include some additional details about the process from this point and the patient will be free to embark on their next step.


Alcohol and drug addiction centres are taxing places. The cocktail of drug and alcohol counselling and the alcohol detox as a whole makes for an extremely emotional time. This is why the patient has to be sure about their decision to enter alcohol and drug treatment centres. Without their full commitment they won’t be fully concentrated on the treatment program, which is a one-way ticket to failure. Nobody but the individual should have a hand in this sort of monumental decision.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Wigtownshire including WigtownNewton StewartStranraer, and Whithorn.

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