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The town of Wigan, sitting some 16 miles north-west of Manchester, was built on the back of industry. It was once known as a thriving city devoted to mill working, coal mining, porcelain manufacture, and clock making. Much has changed in the town since the collapse of England’s industrial base during the mid-20th century, but other businesses and industries have come in to take their place. One thing that has not changed is the presence of drugs and alcohol use by some residents.

The thing with drugs and alcohol is that they are highly addictive. You may already know that, which might explain why you are visiting our website. Your struggle with substance abuse or addiction is one that is relatively common throughout the region. However, did you know you do not have to continue struggling against substance abuse alone? You don’t, thanks to multiple organisations in the Wigan area offering help and support.

Private rehab clinics and other treatment providers throughout the region can help you overcome problems with:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc.)
  • prescription medications (morphine, codeine, etc.)
  • over-the-counter medications
  • new psychoactive substances (legal high products)
  • household chemicals (solvents, glues, etc.)
  • behavioural addictions (love, sex, gambling, etc.)
  • dual diagnosis (addiction and mental illness combined).

Wigan addiction services – no problem is too severe!

We routinely speak to people who are convinced that their problems are too severe to handle. It is completely normal to feel this way, especially if you have been abusing drugs or alcohol for years. You have struggled for so long that you may have lost hope of there being any way out. Are you willing to trust us when we say there is no problem too severe to treat successfully?

The clients who contact us cover the full range of substance abuse and addiction problems, from minor alcohol abuse to major drug addiction that has gone on for years. We have enough treatment options available in the Wigan area that we can refer all of them to an appropriate service provider. We may refer some to private clinics, others to counsellors, and still others to local charities or the NHS. The point is that there is treatment available for every drug or alcohol problem.

The two most common routes people take for alcohol or drug rehab are the NHS and private, residential treatment. Let us look at both in a bit more detail:

  • NHS – The NHS can offer medically supervised detox and outpatient counselling referrals. They cannot, and do not, provide residential treatment. That was phased out years ago. Services from the NHS are obviously free, but they are prone to long waiting times. They are also not as effective as residential treatment for serious, long-term addictions.
  • Residential Treatment – Residential clinics are better suited to addiction treatment because they are able to concentrate all of their resources on it. They provide the optimal environment for recovery by eliminating distractions in the kind of enabling circumstances that allow addiction to continue. We believe residential treatment is the best option for the most serious problems.

Our goal is to help you locate the kind of treatment that is right for you. Ultimately, you are the one who will choose between residential or outpatient rehab. However, do not make that choice before speaking to one of our counsellors first. When you contact us, we will:

  • walk you through the available treatment options in Wigan
  • answer all of your questions, including those relating to cost
  • provide a free assessment of your current situation
  • offer our advice as to the best treatment options
  • help you connect to the treatment facility of your choice.

We Are Here to Help

We want you to know and fully understand that we are here to help you. Contacting us will not result in our counsellors lecturing you about what a terrible person you are or telling you that you just need to get yourself together. We know full well that overcoming substance abuse or addiction is not that easy. When you do contact us, you can expect a listening ear and a heart of compassion.

Likewise, you will find that medical, therapy and support staff are genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. They want to see you achieve victory over drugs or alcohol just as much as we do. Depending on the clinic you choose, you might even discover that some of the support staff do what they do because they have had to overcome addiction themselves. In short, there are many people within the addiction recovery community who are genuinely concerned about you. They want to help you get well.

Featured Wigan Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Getting Well Is Your Choice

Now that you have some idea of the kinds of help available in the Wigan area, the next step is yours. No one can force you to undergo drug or alcohol treatment and expect you to succeed. You must make the choice for yourself. And please understand, getting well is a choice.

With the right treatment and proper support, you can learn to make the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol. Before you can do that, however, you must first be willing to recognise and admit you have a problem. We know this is often the hardest step of all. Yet until you are prepared to come to terms with substance abuse or addiction, there is little anyone can do to help you overcome.

We urge you to contact us and take advantage of our free, professional assessment. We would be thrilled to set your mind at ease if our evaluation reveals you do not have an addiction problem. Nevertheless, if you are addicted, and you choose to ignore it instead of seeking treatment, there could be devastating results. Understand that prolonged addiction:

  • Harms Your Health Drugs and alcohol do damage to both mind and body. Some of that damage may be irreversible if you wait too long to seek treatment. Do not take that risk.
  • Ruin Relationships Substance abuse and addiction are often referred to as family problems because they tend to destroy relationships. Ignoring your addiction could mean the end of your marriage, the loss of your children, and the abandonment of friends.
  • Destroys Finances It takes money to support your drug or alcohol habit, does it not? As much as it costs now, it is only going to cost more in the future if you don’t get treatment. Are you prepared to lose your job, your home, and everything else you have worked so hard for?

Continuing to ignore substance abuse and addiction could eventually cost you your life. People die from long-term medical complications caused by drugs and alcohol; some die as a direct result of overdosing. This is yet another risk not worth taking.

As an advice and referral organisation, we have access to all sorts of treatments through private rehab clinics, local charities, and so on. We can get you connected with a treatment provider if you are willing to let us help. We are standing by to assist you right now.