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Addiction Help in West/South Yorkshire

Overcoming addiction problems alone can be a frustrating and difficult task. The problem is that the individual will often not really feel that they have the necessary tools to overcome their substance abuse problems. Another reason for why it can be so difficult is that addiction tends to lower the person’s self efficacy – this means that they lack the belief in their ability to quit, and this can keep them trapped indefinitely. Luckily there is addiction help available that will help the individual make it into recovery. One of the most effective options open to the individual will be alcohol and drug addiction centres.

Resistance to Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centres

One of the best things that people with addiction problems can do to end their difficulties is to enter rehab. This will give them the opportunity to develop the skills they need in order to build West Yorkshire & South YorkshireWest Yorkshire & South YorkshireWest Yorkshire & South YorkshireWest Yorkshire & South YorkshireWest Yorkshire & South Yorkshirea successful recovery. The person will also be supported during those difficult first few weeks and months when they are most likely to relapse. The most common reasons for why people feel resistant to drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • The individual may be worried about the financial expense of choosing a private facility, and they might not be eligible for NHS funding. This concern is legitimate, but the individual needs to keep in mind that entering this facility will greatly increase their chances of having a brighter financial future. In order words, they will quickly recoup the money they invested in going to rehab.
  • The person may be worried about work or family commitments. This is another legitimate concern, but it is important to keep in mind that if the person does not get help for their addiction they could lose their job and cause great suffering for their family. There are some facilities that will allow mothers to take their children with them.
  • Some people feel resistant to rehab because they are not really serious about getting sober and giving up drugs. They may be ambivalent about recovery because they are still not convinced that happiness cannot be found in substance abuse.
  • The individual may have misunderstandings about what is involved in alcohol and drug rehab centres. They have fears of becoming institutionalised. The reality is that rehabs are comfortable places and some look like five star hotels.

The Truth about Rehab in West/South Yorkshire

It is often the fact that the individual does not really know much about what goes on in rehab that makes them feel resistant about choosing this option. Some of the things that people can expect when they enter this type of facility will include:

  • The client will usually have a key worker who will take a special interest in them during their stay. This will be the person who they will usually see for therapy sessions.
  • There will usually be group therapy sessions on most days of the week while in rehab. This gives the clients the opportunity to explore their problems with other people in the same boat.
  • These days most facilities will try to adapt their program to suit the exact needs of the client. This is because each individual is unique, and the way they approach recovery will need to rWest Yorkshire & South Yorkshireeflect this.
  • Some alcohol and drug rehabs will put a strong focus on 12 Step work, and the client may be expected to complete the 12 steps during their stay. This is perfect for those individuals who intend to use fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous once they return home. There are also other rehabs that offer alternatives to the 12 Step approach for clients who are put off by the spiritual aspects of that program.
  • The team in these places are there to nurture and support the client and not to tell them what to do. The goal is to empower the individual so that they can take charge of their own recovery.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around West/South Yorkshire:


Alcoholics Anonymous
All Saints Parish Church, Church St, Wath upon Dearne, S63 7RF
Monday, 19:30


Narcotics Anonymous
Lower Room, St Marys Church, Burnley Road, Todmordon, OL14 7AA
Wednesday, 19:00


Alcoholics Anonymous
Holy Trinity Church, Towngate, HD9 1HA
Thursday, 20:00


Alcoholics Anonymous
Christchurch, The Grove, LS29 9LW
Friday, 13:30

Featured West Yorkshire & South Yorkshire Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Accommodation Standards in West/South Yorkshire

Another common worry that people will have about entering drug and alcoholic treatment centres is that the environment might not be uncomfortable. The reality is that most of these facilities will put a great deal of effort into making sure that the accommodation is comfortable and welcoming. This is because they know that if the person is unhappy with the environment they may fail to make progress. Some things to consider in regards to this type of accommodation would include:

  • Most rehabs will provide the client with a private room for the duration of their stay. They may even have en suite facilities and their own TV.
  • Some rehabs will expect clients to share a room during the detox stage, but they will provide a private room once the person has gone through withdrawals.
  • The furnishings in these addiction treatment centres tend to be of high quality with an emphasis put on comfort.
  • Some rehabs are in rural locations, and these can be particularly peaceful.
  • There is often a homely atmosphere in these facilities. In fact some of them look exactly like normal homes, usually in middle class neighbourhoods, and the clients even get their own keys.
  • There will always be some shared rooms where the clients can relax, socialise, play games, or watch TV.
  • It is common for alcohol and drug rehabs to have landscaped gardens and places for people to sit outside.
  • The client will usually be allowed to have guests – although there may be restrictions on this depending on the type of program the person is undertaking.

After Rehab in West/South Yorkshire Rehab

It is vital that when people leave rehab that they continue to build upon their good work. The person can do this by regularly attending 12 Step groups or availing of some type of aftercare program. If the person just leaves rehab to return to their old life they are very unlikely to remain sober long term. They will need to continue making changes in order to be successful.

Recovery Meetings in West/South Yorkshire Rehab

One of the most effective ways of staying sober after rehab is to join a recovery fellowship. There are many meetings available in the Yorkshire area, and these take place every day of the week. Some of the most popular meetings would include:

  • AA Bradford Discussion Sunday Meeting – Sundays 19:30 – Piccadilly Project, Upper Piccadilly, Bradford
  • AA Leeds Armley Step Meeting – Tuesday 20:00 – Christchurch Church, Armley Ridge Rd, Upper Armley Leeds.
  • AA Derby Alvaston Open Meeting – Tuesday 19:30 – Methodist Church, London Rd, Derby
  • NA Just 4 Today Meeting – Monday 18:00 – Multiple Choice, Marquis House, 33 Eastgate, Leeds.
  • NA Shares, Steps, and Traditions (open meeting) – Sunday 19:30 – The Convent of Mercy- 11 Bridge Gate