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Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in west sussex and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

West Sussex is known throughout south-east England for its stately homes, historic castles and protected countryside. Indeed, more than half the county is protected land enjoyed by residents who love to walk, bike and relax in the county’s many parks and recreation areas.

This seemingly picturesque area of England does have a dark side, a dark side you may know all too well – substance abuse and addiction. Postcards and travel brochures may show West Sussex in the best possible light, but they cannot hide all of the anguish that drug and alcohol users are going through. It is fortunate that West Sussex is home to rehab clinics and health facilities capable of helping substance abusers and addicts get well.

Finding treatments for clients in West Sussex is one of the things we do at Addiction Helper. Assuming you are visiting our website because you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, why not let us help you. Our services are:

  • Free – we won’t charge you a single pound
  • Completely confidential – we protect the privacy of our clients
  • Client focused – it’s all about you getting well

You can contact Addiction Helper at any time of the night or day. Just call the telephone number on this website, use the live chat service, send us a text message, or use our traditional contact page. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need with your drug or alcohol problem.

You Are Not Alone

People caught in the trap of drugs or alcohol often feel as though they are all alone. If this sounds like you, we hope you will believe us when we say you are truly not alone. There are so many others dealing with the same problems you are struggling with, along with hundreds of treatment providers all working together to help substance abusers and addicts take their lives back.

When you contact Addiction Helper, we will provide an initial assessment that will help determine how serious your problem is. From there we can recommend a list of rehab clinics and other treatment providers capable of helping you. Along the way, we will answer any questions you have about your addiction or treatment. We can even lend a listening ear if you just need to talk. Contact us to find out:

  • the kinds of treatments available in West Sussex
  • where treatment facilities are located
  • the cost of private, residential care
  • the signs and symptoms of addiction
  • how you can help a friend or loved one who might be addicted.

You probably have many questions about drug or alcohol rehab, including cost and the location of rehab facilities. Addiction Helper has the answers. Contacting us is your first step to recovery in that we give you all the information you need and sound advice to point you in the right direction.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around West Sussex:


Alcoholics Anonymous
Methodist Church, 42 Cuckfield Rd
Tuesday, 20:00


Alcoholics Anonymous
Methodist Church Hall, North St, (opp Bus Station), GU29 9DU
Tuesday, 20:00

Any Addiction Can Be Treated

Would you be surprised if we told you that any addiction could be treated professionally? It’s true. There is no substance abuse or addiction problem so severe that it is beyond the scope of effective treatment. As long as you are alive and breathing, you can be helped. However, that is not a reason to wait. Right now is the best time to take the first step toward recovering from:

  • Alcohol – Alcohol is the most abused drug in the UK because of its social acceptance and easy accessibility. Statistics suggest that as many as 6% to 7% of UK adults exhibit symptoms of alcohol dependence. How many more are well on their way to dependence without even knowing it?
  • Illegal Drugs – The category of illegal drugs includes things such as cannabis, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and LSD. Some of these drugs are more prevalent than others are, but all are highly addictive and destructive.
  • Prescription Drugs – Some prescription drug addictions start out as a legitimate medical use. Other times, prescription drugs are obtained illegally and sold on the street. This category includes things such as sleeping pills, antidepressants, and pain medications.
  • Legal Highs – Head shops and online retailers sell synthetic drugs known as ‘legal highs’. These are only legal because they are officially sold as plant food or bath salts. However, all of these drugs are illegal to manufacture and distribute for human consumption. They are highly dangerous as well.
  • Compulsive Behaviour – Many of the rehab clinics we work with also offer treatment programmes for compulsive behaviour. They treat things such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, and various eating disorders.

An area of speciality among some of drug and alcohol rehab clinics is that of dual diagnosis. When a person is simultaneously suffering from a mental illness and addiction, a dual diagnosis is appropriate. These types of problems are especially difficult to treat because of their interrelation. If you are experiencing a dual diagnosis condition, we can connect you with a clinic capable of providing appropriate treatment.

Featured West-sussex Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Time to Come Clean

You have probably chosen to visit the Addiction Helper website because you are struggling with alcohol or drugs yourself or you are concerned about a loved one. In either case, now is the time to come clean. Now is the time to come to terms with the fact that substance abuse and addiction are not problems that will just pass on their own. They require professional intervention from trained doctors, therapists, and counsellors.

If you are willing to take that first step, we are prepared to walk you through all the details of outpatient and residential treatment. We will explain how detox works, describe what you can expect from a rehab programme, and provide details about some of the most common treatment methods being used today.

If you contact us out of concern for a loved one or friend, we can walk you through the available treatment options so that you are ready to act in the event the individual you are concerned about agrees to accept treatment. We can also explain the concept of using an intervention as a motivational tool.

Help for Families

Addiction Helper is here to assist both addicts and their families. We include family support because we know that addiction affects spouses, children, and siblings as well. We believe that comprehensive family care is necessary to achieve long-term recovery. Most of the rehab clinics we work with share this philosophy, serving families with appropriate counselling and support services.

You have allowed drugs or alcohol to control your life for far too long. Now is the time to step up and bring a stop to it. Drugs and alcohol are not helping you cope with your problems; they are creating them. Overcoming those problems requires you to take your life back from substance abuse and addiction. We are here to help.

Addiction Helper counsellors are standing by right now to assist you. Do not wait any longer to contact us. Make the choice to accept treatment today, and get started on the road to recovery.