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Addiction treatment has to be administered in a variety of different ways because every addiction is different, and every person is different. Yet group support must come as part of any addiction help program. Sutton addiction support schemes always look to use group support to enhance their patients’ experiences because studies have shown how effective it is at treating a drug alcohol addiction. If you are considering drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton for yourself or someone else, we can offer a programme tailored specifically to your needs or those of the person you are concerned about.

Addiction Helper is a referral service, designed to provide the very best help and support for anyone struggling with substance abuse – this includes the friends and family of those who are affected by someone else’s addiction. We know from experience that entering alcohol or drug rehab in Sutton is the most effective way to beat it.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sutton: How Does it Work?

Sutton group support works by bringing every resident together for a session led by them. Support workers take a backseat role in this situation because residents are considered to know best in this situation. Over the treatment program, a large number of these sessions will be employed to help build bonds between people.

These bonds act as marvellous addiction support mechanisms as people tend to relate and understand people better if they are going through the same experiences as each other. The same principle applies here. It’s hoped bonds will be created which extend outside of rehab in Sutton.


The informal setting is a major part of this addiction help mechanism. Addiction treatment in this form has to be given in an informal setting to make people feel comfortable enough to speak openly and honestly to each other.


Although people are encouraged to reveal a variety of things to the group, nobody should feel compelled to say anything they don’t want to say. It’s entirely up to the individual how much they reveal. As long as patients in Suffolk actively participate in sessions there are no problems here. Ultimately, it’s about creating bonds and offering support to people when they are down.


Group support for treating a drug alcohol addiction will switch to local walk-in centres as part of the rehab facility’s aftercare program once residential rehab in Sutton has finished. Through providing extended support it’s hoped patients will be more successful in turning their lives around.

Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Sutton Encourage You?

Having once battled with alcohol and drug problems, most of our team here at Addiction Helper know only too well how difficult it can be to take the first step towards recovery. We know that being told about the many dangers of alcohol and drugs misuse is not always enough to discourage someone from continuing. In fact, it can sometimes bring about the opposite, particularly if the person is using the substances to numb or block out negative thoughts, feelings, or painful memories. Substance abuse can be seen as a ‘way out’, therefore reeling off the many dangers associated with it (heart disease, liver disease, depression, dementia, and so on) can often be a pointless exercise.

If you are the one battling with alcohol or drugs, admitting to having a problem, even just to yourself, can be a battle in itself. But facing the facts and reaching out for help is nothing to be ashamed or scared of. We have all done it and would not be here helping people like you today otherwise. All it takes is one simple, free, and confidential phone call to us today and your life as an addict could be a thing of the past very soon. And not only will you be turning your life around but you will also be ensuring a brighter future for the friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbours affected by your addiction too. Getting help really is a win-win situation.

If you are a friend or relative looking to get help for someone else, you too have come to the right place. We offer a great deal of advice and support for those affected by another person’s addiction. If you have already raised your concerns with this individual and feel you are getting nowhere, please get in touch with us right now and we will offer you as many tips on encouraging rehab in Sutton as possible. We know it will not be an easy road, but persistence does pay off eventually, so do not give up hope.

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Finding the Most Suitable Rehab in Sutton

If you or someone you care about are using alcohol or drugs heavily and frequently, finding the most appropriate rehab in Sutton should be your biggest priority. As soon as you get in touch with us, our team can start work on determining the best course of action. We look at each person’s unique history of alcohol or drug misuse carefully, offering a comprehensive evaluation. We also take into consideration any commitments the affected person may have. This helps us to establish the most suitable type of treatment for the addict and their individual needs. This ‘tailor-made’ approach has produced many success stories over the years.

Where and how we refer you will of course depend largely on the severity of the addiction. For example, for some people, we may recommend entering a residential treatment programme. This takes the patient away from their everyday surroundings for a period that could be between three and eight weeks, ensuring no distractions or temptation from the outside world. It is combined with therapy sessions and various activities to help occupy the mind, typically having a very high success rate. For others, we may simply recommend one of the local support groups we liaise with. It really does depend on the patient’s individual circumstances.

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