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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Caterham

When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, the effects of that behaviour are not limited to the user him/herself. In reality, entire families suffer when one person engages in substance abuse. Here at Addiction Helper, we have worked with plenty of broken families who need help overcoming substance abuse issues. Those families are a big part of why we offer referral services for drug and alcohol rehab in Caterham.

The addiction recovery community considers substance abuse and addiction family problems. In the midst of a user’s self-destructive behaviour, he or she also affects every other person in the household. That means substance abuse and addiction lead to broken relationships, poor treatment of children, financial problems, and a whole list of additional family problems. If you are hoping to find alcohol or drug rehab in Caterham for yourself, please consider being admitted to a rehab centre that can help your family as well.

The Underlying Philosophy of Family Rehab

Understanding that substance abuse and addiction are family issues, it clearly becomes evident that treating the addict alone is not enough. Spouses, children and parents also need help overcoming the emotional trauma they are dealing with. As just one example, consider how children can be negatively affected by the behaviour of addicted parents.

Children can easily convince themselves they are to blame for what their parents do. They may also grow up feeling as if their addicted parents don’t truly love them. These are the kinds of things they need help overcoming if they are to go on to lead happy and healthy lives as adults. That’s what family rehab is all about.

Residential rehab in Caterham includes family rehab in most cases. If a client chooses a rehab programme that doesn’t include family services, Addiction Helper counsellors can direct family members to other resources.

Choosing Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Caterham

We will assume that you are looking for a rehab programme that will help both you and your family together. That said, you’re probably wondering how to go about choosing the right facility. That’s where we come in. Addiction Helper has a virtual library of information relating to alcohol and drug rehab in Caterham. We know what facilities are here, what kind of atmosphere and accommodation they offer, and what you can expect from treatment.

You might also consider visiting the residential clinic you believe is best for you. While not every clinic allows guest visits, most do. Rehab facilities tend to welcome guests who want to know more about their treatments and accommodation. During your visit, you can ask any questions you have.

We recommend paying a visit prior to arranging for admission. Nothing takes the place of actually walking the grounds, seeing the facilities first-hand, and speaking with clinic staff to learn more about who they are and how they view family rehab.

Separate and Combined Therapies

Treating entire families suffering through substance abuse and addiction requires doing different things throughout the various stages of treatment. For example, some treatments are combined while others keep patients and their families separate. Combined treatments can include everything from counselling to shared leisure activities. Separate treatments are usually psychotherapeutic treatments being used by therapists to accomplish certain goals.

Life skills building is an important part of family treatment, on both an individual and combined basis. The life skills learned in residential rehab teach patients practical steps for avoiding temptation along with strategies for being a responsible family member. Family members learn different skills, including those necessary to support the patient when he or she eventually returns home.

Separate and combined treatments can also cover things such as diet and nutrition. Teaching families to be healthier in their eating choices tends to motivate them to be more health-conscious overall. Fortunately, we discovered that encouraging a healthy lifestyle among recovering addicts and their families can have a tremendous influence on preventing future substance abuse issues.

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Keeping Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Caterham

You and your family have multiple rehab options throughout the UK. We recommend choosing a rehab in Caterham in order to keep things close to home so as to disrupt family life as little as possible. Bear in mind that your family members need as much stability as they can get while you’re undergoing residential treatment. Keeping treatment local offers some of that stability.

If it is absolutely necessary for you to travel away from home to get treatment, it is still possible for your family to receive their services locally. Thanks to an abundance of counsellors and local support services, family help for substance abuse and addiction is readily available.

Your Rehab in Caterham Is Ready and Waiting

We have done our best in this article to give you a good idea about alcohol rehab in Caterham from a family standpoint. To summarise, substance abuse and addiction are family problems requiring family solutions. Your family needs help just as much as you do. So if you’re thinking of undergoing residential treatment for drugs or alcohol, consider a facility that also offers support and treatment for family members.

We invite you to contact Addiction Help right away through our website or our 24-hour helpline. Your drug or alcohol rehab in Caterham is ready and waiting to help you get your life back. It’s a simple matter of getting in touch with us so we can assess your situation and recommend you to the best facility and treatment programmes. It doesn’t take much – just a phone call and your decision to begin the process of getting well.

Addiction Helper works with rehab facilities in Caterham, and throughout Surrey and the rest of the UK. Over the years, we have helped countless numbers of addicts and their families get on the road to recovery through free advice, comprehensive assessments, and referral services. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, now is the time to take your life back. Contact us, and let us help you and your family change things for the better.

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