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The issues of substance abuse and addiction are problems faced by many people who live in Lowestoft daily. Issues such as poor health, relationship struggles, money worries, unemployment, homelessness, and the risk of premature death are all directly linked to addiction. Many people struggle to cope as a result – perhaps you are one of them? If so, we want you to know that you do not have to continue living with the cloud of addiction hanging over your head. Help is available by way of both drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft. All you need to do is ask for it.

We understand that you may be reluctant to reach out for help, or even admit you have a problem. This is a common trait amongst those with addiction. Coming to terms with the fact that your use of a particular mood-altering substance is no longer within your control is never going to be easy. You may find the idea that you may be in need of alcohol or drug rehab in Lowestoft laughable. After all, you could easily quit your drinking or drug taking if you wanted to. But have you ever tried?

Here at Addiction Helper, we speak to addicts and their families on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide helpful information and advice about addiction and recovery. We also offer free assessments and referrals to providers of rehab in Lowestoft and other parts of the United Kingdom. We regularly take calls from individuals who have been urged to get help for a problem that they do not think they have. It is only after speaking with us that they come to terms with the fact that a concerned loved one may have a point.

Do You Require Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Lowestoft?

Are you convinced that you do not require drug or alcohol rehab in Lowestoft because you have never actually tried to quit? If so, you may believe that you have full control over your use. Nevertheless, if you take a good look at your life and your substance use, you might change your mind.

Many addicts sail through life without realising that their substance use is having a negative impact on their own life and the lives of those around them. This is often because the chemical substance they are abusing has altered the way their brain functions. They are incapable of seeing the bigger picture and are no longer able to make good decisions.

They have allowed their use of alcohol or drugs to get out of hand without realising. It is only when forced to evaluate their life that they become aware of the problems their substance use is causing.

If your loved ones have urged you to quit or cut back on your drinking or drug taking, there is bound to be a good reason why this is so. We encourage you to get in touch with us and let us provide a free assessment to determine whether you have a need for alcohol or drug rehab in Lowestoft. If you do, we can match you to a suitable provider; if not, you can look at ways to cut back on your consumption before things do get out of hand.

Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab Important for My Recovery?

The impact of addiction can be felt everywhere and is very rarely confined to the individual. You may think that you are not harming anyone else with your substance use, but you would be mistaken. Your actions are almost certainly having a negative impact on those you love – otherwise why would they be encouraging you to get help?

Family members usually suffer the most when one member develops an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The desire to help the addict can be so strong in some that it can consume them and take over their life. Some people will go on to become co-dependent; i.e., they develop a dependence on the addict and not on a chemical substance.

Their entire life will revolve around the addict and their behaviour will change in response to how the addict behaves. Many people do not even realise how dramatically their lives have been altered since they realised one of their loved ones had an issue.

Children of addicts usually suffer deep and lasting damage too. No matter what age they are, they will be severely affected. Some will go on to suffer emotional problems and may find it hard to form healthy relationships, while others will suffer with addiction themselves in later life.

To lessen the impact that addiction can have on the family, it is important that those with addiction access help as soon as possible. To get your life back on track, you need to access professional help – we can assist when it comes to finding a programme that is right for you.

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Are There Aftercare Sessions in Lowestoft?

Rehab in Lowestoft comes after a programme of detoxification where the physical illness is addressed. Once you have broken the ties with the substance you were abusing, you can look forward to getting to the root cause of your illness and developing new and positive coping methods to take with you when you return to normal, everyday living.

But are you ready for the transition from rehab to independent sober living. This is an issue that worries many recovering addicts as they fear they will not be able to cope when no longer having access to 24-hour care and support.

The good news is that you do not have to cope with recovery on your own. Most rehab providers will offer some form of aftercare services as part of their programme, which will allow for continued contact with counsellors or therapists. It may even mean regular counselling sessions for a time.

You can also get involved with a fellowship support group that is available within your local community; in fact, you will probably be encouraged to do so as part of your rehab programme. Getting involved with a fellowship support group such as AA or NA can help you to maintain your sobriety going forward. You can meet with other recovering addicts to share your stories and experiences and to keep each other motivated to stay sober.

For more information on overcoming addiction once and for all, please contact us today via our 24-hour helpline or through the contact page on this website.

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