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Those who do not have any direct experience with addiction may wonder why anyone would abuse substances such as alcohol or drugs to the extent where it has a negative impact on their life. It just makes no sense to some people. After all, why wouldn’t these addicts just stop drinking or stop taking drugs when their substance abuse is causing harm to their own life and the lives of those around them? The reality is that addicts are just not capable of stopping. The effects that these substances have had on their brain has resulted in structural changes that makes them incapable of making good decisions. They have no control over the urge to use drugs or drink alcohol and, for most affected individuals, it is only with the help of services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Rugeley and beyond that they can work towards living a sober life once more.

Are you a Rugeley resident struggling with a crippling addiction to drugs or alcohol? Or is someone you love obviously in the grip of addiction but unable to see it? If so, Addiction Helper can assist. We know that accepting a diagnosis of addiction can be incredibly difficult for most people. What is glaringly obvious to those who are not affected by addiction may not be as clear to those whose mind is clouded by chemicals. The idea that they might require alcohol or drug rehab in Rugeley may be met with fierce opposition, and family members and friends usually do not know what to do in these situations.

The good news is that Addiction Helper is here for both those with addiction issues and those closest to them. We know that addiction is a family illness that affects every single member of the family, regardless of whether they have ever used these substances themselves. The impact of addiction on the family unit cannot be denied, but with rehab in Rugeley, it is possible to overcome addiction and get things back on the right track once more.

Why Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Rugeley?

If your loved one is abusing alcohol or drugs and you believe that he or she may be suffering with addiction, you have come to the right place. It can be difficult to broach the subject of addiction with a friend or family member because there is just so much stigma attached to the illness.

There is a certain amount of shame and embarrassment felt by all involved, and many people would prefer to do nothing than to risk upsetting someone by raising the issue. Nevertheless, to deny the problem exists will only give the addict licence to carry on with his or her addictive behaviour. There is no point in hoping the problem will go away by itself; it will not. And if you are waiting for your loved one to come to the realisation that he or she is need of drug or alcohol rehab in Rugeley, you might be disappointed. You are likely to be in for a long wait for this to happen if you continue to act as though there is no problem.

If you truly want to help your addicted loved one, you must make the decision to tackle the subject as soon as possible. Be prepared to be met with angry or defensive denials – this is completely normal. However, do not give up as your loved one needs to be made to see the seriousness of his or her situation if he or she is to get better.

Encouraging a Loved One to Accept Alcohol or Drug Rehab

If the affected individual is still denying the problem exists after you have tackled the subject of addiction, you may want to consider a family intervention. This is one of the most effective tools at your disposal when it comes to encouraging a loved one into alcohol or drug rehab in Rugeley, or anywhere else for that matter.

A family intervention is a meeting designed to bring a group of the addict’s family and friends together to discuss the impact that the addiction has had on their lives. It is not meant to be confrontational or accusatory, and the addict should not feel as though he or she is in trouble or being berated. The aim is to calmly discuss the impact of the addiction on the life of everyone else.

Interventions can be staged by family members or by intervention specialists who will guide the meeting in a calm manner. If you would like information on how to stage your own family intervention or if you would like us to put you in touch with a professional interventionist, call us now for more information.

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What Are the Benefits of Rehab in Rugeley?

There is no doubting the benefit of a programme of rehabilitation in helping to turn the lives of addicts around. But when a person with addiction manages to overcome this illness, many others will benefit.

The affected individual benefits from improved health, relationships, and finances. He or she will also notice that prospects are brighter. Without the cloud of addiction hanging overhead, the possibilities are endless. Many recovering addicts have gone back to education or have found hobbies that they have managed to turn into lucrative careers.

There is also a huge benefit to the family and friends of the recovering addict. When the loved one begins a programme of rehabilitation, the whole family can start the healing process. Damage that was caused to relationships can be mended and everyone can look forward to rebuilding their life in a positive manner.

There is also a benefit to the economy and society in general. The fewer people that are dealing with addiction issues, the lower the burden on the economy and the fewer problems that will be created in society. Addiction is responsible for many violent crimes and the cost of treating addiction-related illnesses and injuries is billions of pounds annually. With rehabilitation programmes, everyone benefits.

If you are interested in a programme of rehabilitation in Rugeley, please get in touch with us here at Addiction Helper. It is our goal to put as many people in touch with suitable rehab providers as we can. For more information on this service, please call our dedicated helpline today.

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