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A real stumbling block that can prevent people in Southampton from getting the most out of their time in alcohol or drug addiction centres is anger. This is an emotion that most people will struggle with from time to time, but it can be a real liability for those who are dealing with an addiction. Some of the dangers of anger for people in Southampton who are in early recovery will include:

  • When people are angry it can mean that they lose control. They are unable to think straight and are more likely to do things that they later regret. It is vital that people in early recovery are able to stay in control because otherwise they will be more at risk of relapse.
  • If the individual is in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre they may lose their temper and use this as an excuse to check out of the facility. This will usually be a decision that they later regret because they will have missed out on a chance to live a new life. If the individual relapses there is no guarantee that they will ever be able to summon up the motivation to quit again

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  • When people are angry it brings them in conflict with other people. The individual will always have something to complain about and they might move from one argument to the next. This not only makes their own life miserable but it can also make life difficult for other people as well.

One of the aims of the recovery will be for the individual to be able to manage their anger better. There are many options for how the individual can do this. It is unlikely that the person will be able to walk around full of bliss all the time but they can certainly learn how to handle their emotionsbetter in recovery.

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