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Shropshire drug and alcoholic rehabilitation has one goal in mind and one goal only; to give people the chance to defeat their addictions. Through using these substance abuser and alcoholic treatment centres, people will be able to utilise a variety of treatments to improve their lives. Detox clinics tailor each program to the specific patient, but what it also specialises in is drug abuser and alcoholics support for families. Read on for a full and transparent view of the various aspects which make up these clinics.


  • Careful monitoring within drug and alcoholic rehabilitation will commence. It’s to prevent any severe withdrawal symptoms or any medical complications. Trained healthcare staff will carry this out.
  • Special medications will be employed to wean the body off of any dependencies. Substance abuser and alcoholic treatment centres are the only places where these substances can be prescribed.

Group Support

  • Informal sessions in detox clinics will involve patients interacting with each other. This is following the same line as drug abuser and alcoholics support for families because this is about creating an extended family.
  • The challenges and successes experienced through rehabilitation will be discussed by each individual. The goal is to create a supportive environment where people can feel comfortable with themselves. Former residents often report the benefits of this form of rehabilitation.

Private Counselling

  • Private counselling involves patients setting themselves up for some rigid questioning. The issues which started the addiction in the first place will be discussed in these detox clinics.
  • People need to be able to get to the root of their addictions, or they won’t be able to cope with themselves.
  • Individual counselling is a staple of any rehabilitation facility, which is why regular private sessions will be brought into play.
  • All information is kept completely confidential. Substance abuse counsellors will only reveal something if the express permission of the patient is given. Nobody will be pressured into this, however.

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Additional Support

  • Additional support in the form of extra classes is given within facilities. They can involve anything from cooking to art classes.
  • These are designed to give practical skills to those who need them. They can help with finding employment after leaving the facility, which can often mean the difference between relapsing and building a better life further down the line.
  • These courses also provide individuals with the opportunity to distract themselves from the rigours of treatment. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be largely ignored when participating in something enjoyable.


  • Aftercare is offered by all competent facilities in Shropshire to each patient who leaves residential rehab.
  • Aftercare facilities aim to direct patients towards walk-in centres in their local area where they can retain the benefits of all the support options listed above.
  • Its critical support isn’t removed instantly due to the dangers of relapse. Immediately removing all forms of support can drastically increase the chances of experiencing some form of relapse at a later date.

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