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Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Scalloway have the sole aim of curing patients of their addictions. Breaking an addiction is one of the hardest things to do in life, but with the help of drug and alcohol support it’s possible to overcome it. Drug and alcohol treatment centres will approach addictions in very specific ways, but the true test comes later. Dealing with the risk of relapse is the main thing to cope with.

  • Drug abuser and alcoholic help will start by cleaning the body up. It’s impossible to get clean if the body doesn’t start off this way. Through special medications and careful monitoring by trained healthcare professionals, the patient will lose their dependency on drugs and alcohol.
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres will make sure the issues are targeted and coped with. Learning to cope with the traumatic issues which triggered the addiction in the first place is essential for preventing a relapse.
  • Various techniques will be imparted onto residents to help them with resisting their cravings after they leave rehabilitation. These techniques will involve: delay, distraction, replacement, and distance.
  • Aftercare will continue to reinforce the lessons learned within drug and alcohol support centres. It’s important drug and alcohol treatment centres maintain the same level of support to prevent users from relapsing, as a direct result of a sudden reduction in support.

Relapses can and do happen to even the most determined individuals. Sometimes nothing can be done about it, but what separates the successful individuals from those who fail is giving up. Never give up even if a relapse does occur. Drug abuser and alcoholic help will always be available no matter what happens. Private rehabilitation clinics have no issue with taking in former patients again. If there’s a problem, don’t worry, because with clinics in Scalloway nobody is behind!

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