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Baltasound drug and alcohol detox centres are there for the benefit of their patients. They have committed themselves to offering the best treatment options for patients. In order to enter drug alcohol help in Baltasound it’s essential they know what they are going to encounter, otherwise their trepidation will increase. Here are the drug alcohol steps which will be taken to help people beat their addictions.

  1. Drug and alcohol detox centres will use a detoxification process to ensure the body is cleaned up before the rehabilitation stage is entered. Drug and alcohol recovery will aim to relieve the body of its dependencies.
  2. Baltasound drug and alcohol rehab facilities will use group support to help patients cope with their issues, as well as to relate to people who are undergoing the same difficulties as they are. Support in this manner can often be the trigger for individuals to let their guards down.
  3. Private counselling is a staple of drug and alcohol help in Baltasound. Without delving deep into the psyche of the individual and uncovering the issues which impact them the most it’s impossible to learn to cope with the things which caused the addiction in the first place.
  4. Additional care support is given to help with drug and alcohol recovery in the form of classes and lessons. They enable skills to be learned and developed, which can translate to a more employable person once the rehabilitation stage has ended.
  5. Aftercare involves all of the above things. These aftercare options make sure support will always be there for people after they leave residential rehab. Taking it away instantly will leave them lost and overwhelmed, which increases the chances of experiencing a relapse.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Shetland includingLerwickBaltasound, and Scalloway.


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