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Detox centres in Kelso give people hope. They give people a chance to escape from their addictions. But the only way in which they can provide the right drug and alcohol rehab treatment is if the patient decides to enter rehab of their own accord. It can be difficult to do this, but by knowing what lies ahead there’s a higher chance of warming to the idea. Here are the things which will always be found within Kelso drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Counselling in Abundance 

A lack of support is what makes an addiction worse. Through a combination of one-to-one counselling and group support patients feel supported and better able to cope with their problems.

Group support takes place in an extremely informal environment and involves speaking to other patients about their experiences. Staff members take a backseat role in these sessions. Their only function is to make sure the conversation remains structured and orderly. Being able to relate to others can act as the catalyst to keep going with the treatments meted out in alcohol and drug clinics.

Private counselling is more formal and consists of having a private talk with a counsellor. Detox centres will look to eliminate the source of the addiction through these sessions.


Drug and alcohol rehab needs to operate a detoxification problem to eliminate the dependency from the body. Without removing the dependency, concentrating on the rehabilitation part of beating an addiction becomes even more complex. Cleaning up the body is the step which comes before cleaning up the mind.


Each of these things has to come after residential treatment ends. Alcohol and drug clinics will always be looking to offer a comprehensive aftercare program to its patients. Drug and alcohol treatment aftercare will normally involve moving patients on to a walk-in centre. These support options will still be provided, enabling former residents to continue their good work.

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