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Rehab centres in Invergordon have one goal: to encourage as many patients as possible to seek help from them. The only thing which is harder than achieving long term abstinence is finding help from rehab clinics in the first place. Many people are scared of what might await them within rehabilitation centres, but this is where family members and friends can come in. Individuals often opt for private rehabilitation clinics after they are persuaded by those closest for them. Read on to find out more about how to persuade somebody to seek out treatment for alcohol and drugs.

  1. Research reputable rehab centres in the Invergordon area and show the fruits of this research to the individual when they are sober. It can help them understand what to expect if they decide to join one of these rehab clinics.
  2. Stop funding their habits. Rehabilitation centres often discover residents’ addictions were in part continued by those closest to them who were giving them money and help. Take away any money and tell them they won’t get any more until they come out of a rehabilitation clinic.
  3. Finding treatment for alcohol and drugs should ultimately come from the choice of the patient. Do this by allowing them to live with the consequences of their actions. If they get into trouble with the law or their employer don’t help them. Don’t lie for them and don’t make up excuses. Let them lay in their own bed.
  4. Sometimes it’s necessary to be forceful. If they are refusing to find help kick them out of the house, or eliminate them from the family completely. This is a trigger which works regularly as it signals rock bottom. The last thing they want to lose is those closest to them, especially when they may be supporting them. Just make sure any threats are always followed through on.

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