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Paisley’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres will tailor their programs to the individual. What works for one patient won’t work for another and this is why each treatment program will differ slightly. But even though there are differences, the general process will remain the same for everybody. Here’s an outline of the drug alcohol support which patients can expect when they enter Paisley’s drug alcohol treatment centres.


Through special medications and close examinations, patients will have their dependencies removed from them. It’s critical a detox isn’t attempted outside of rehab as some people have been known to react badly to the sudden removal of these substances. No matter the individual, this will always be the beginning of any drug abuser and alcoholic help program.

Constant Counselling 

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres will always offer counselling to patients. These come in two forms and are designed to accomplish different things. Private counselling is used to get the right drug abuser and alcoholic help to the individual. The issues which caused the addiction in the first place will be unearthed during these sessions.

Group support is about drug and alcohol support on a communal level. Without being able to relate to somebody else most people find it difficult to put their specific problems into the right context. Drug alcohol treatment centres will always make this a primary concern.

Additional Support 

Additional support will always be provided in the form of teaching patients useful life skills which can help them find employment in the future. Through giving them responsibility and confidence it’s hoped they will be able to cope better in the real world. Statistics have shown those who can find employment, or a hobby they enjoy, are more likely to achieve long term abstinence. Most centres will seek to give direction to people to continue their learning after they leave residential rehab.

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