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It’s the duty of alcohol and drug addiction centres in Presteigne to develop the programs to treat each patient as an individual. Just because an addiction happens to have the same symptoms for multiple individuals doesn’t mean the same thing is causing it. The reasons could be entirely different. Alcohol and drug treatment centres have the goal of getting to the bottom of the matter through drug and alcohol counselling. As well as a drug and alcohol detox and counselling program, the clinic will seek to build the person up for the future.

Individual Counselling 

  • Takes place in a private room where only the counsellor and the patient can hear what’s been said.
  • Alcohol and drug addiction centres will keep all information confidential unless the express permission of the patient is given.
  • The idea is to get to the heart of the matter to help the patient cope with their issues.

Group Support 

  • Informal environment within alcohol and drug treatment centres where everybody all residents sit together.
  • The challenges and triumphs of each group member is spoken about to help them through the next stage of their journey.
  • Patients tend to tout about the effectiveness of group support in helping them to recover from their addictions.

Additional Creative Support 

  • Classes offering people the opportunity to take advantage of new skills, in addition to their drug alcohol counselling sessions.
  • Can involve anything from cooking to fitness with the goal of being applied to the outside world.
  • These activities often provide a distraction from withdrawal symptoms and cravings users have to experience in their first few weeks after detoxification.

As is clear from the above, drug and alcohol detox is just the first step. Once it’s finished the counselling stage starts, before it’s time to start building a life for the future. These areas are all a major part of making sure an addiction is defeated for life.

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