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It is commonly accepted that most people will end their addiction to alcohol or drugs after they have hit rock bottom. This would seem to imply that the individual needs to lose everything before they will be able to recovery from this type of problem, but this is not what is meant here. Those individuals in Portsmouth who equate hitting rock bottom with losing everything could delay treating their drug or alcohol addiction as a result of this misconception so it is important to be clear about what is involved here.

Hitting Rock Bottom Explained

Those people in Portsmouth who are dealing with addiction need to understand that hitting rock bottom is a completely subjective idea. There is no exact spot in the addiction process where the individual magically becomes ready for addiction and drug treatment centres. What is mean here is that the individual has reached a stage where they are now ready to consider quitting. This can happen to the person after losing relatively little as a result of addiction or it can happen after they have lost almost everything. The important thing to keep in mind is that the individual decides when they have had enough.

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There is no benefit for people dealing with substance abuse to lose anymore than they already have so where they are now can be their rock bottom. If the individual looks honestly at their situation they will be able to see where this is all taking them. They are on a downward spiral and the longer they continue the more they will end up losing. By having a high rock bottom the individual will be walking away from the substance abuse after losing relatively little. This is a good thing because there is no benefit in losing anymore. The person will not have any less of a good life in recovery because they did not have a lower rock bottom.

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