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Rattray rehab centres offer tailored treatment programs carried out by trained professionals with years of experience with working with patients in rehab clinics. Rehabilitation centres are essential for treating people with addictions since these are the only places which have the staff members and the equipment on hand. Treatment for alcohol and drugs will come in a number of different ways within rehabilitation clinics, but the general line of treatment remains similar.

Rehabilitation through Counselling

Counselling has to be at the heart of all rehab centres. The reason why many people turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place is because nobody listens to them. With rehab clinics, group counselling and individual counselling go hand-in-hand to help people overcome their demons.

One-to-one counselling will involve speaking about the issues surrounding each person in a private room. Everything said within rehabilitation centres is kept confidential. Only with the individual’s express permission can any of this information be revealed to somebody else. It gets to the heart of the matter and makes sure each person can learn to cope with their problems.

Group counselling is much more informal and involves rehabilitation clinics placing each person into a room with all the other residents and discussing issues surrounding addictions and the challenges they are facing. It helps to create friends and lifelong bonds which can work for the mutual gain of the people involved. Patients tend to relate better to people who they know are suffering from the same issues as them.

Support for the Future

Additional classes in the form of cooking classes, art classes, and fitness courses are employed to develop the skills needed to function in daily life without relapsing. They also provide a distraction for patients who are undergoing treatment for alcohol and drugs by reducing their focus on withdrawal symptoms and other cravings.

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