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Are you, or do you know an addict?

When people think of somebody addicted to alcohol or drugs, they can think of stereotypical characters that the media has shown as substance abusers. Yet in reality, many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol don’t fall into these stereotypes at all. It is quite possible and even likely that people suffering from such addictions lead a normal life on the surface of things and have become highly adept at hiding their addiction to anyone who is not specifically looking for a problem.

Addiction can be described as:

• The inability to give something up because of a strong physical or mental dependence.

• Gradually needing more and more of a substance in order to function or feel good.

• Inability to cut down or give something up no matter how hard they try.

An addict does not have to be somebody that drinks or uses drugs all day every day. But they might often say that they will not do something as much, or give up completely and fail time and time again.

Another symptom of being an addict is lying about the amount of drugs or alcohol that is being used. Many people who suffer from addiction deny the use of anything vehemently to anyone who asks. The very fact that they feel the need to deny such behaviour goes to show that on some level they know that they shouldn’t be doing so, or that they are out of control.

Breaking an addiction is the hardest thing anybody will ever have to do in life. Seeking out drug and alcoholic rehabilitation is difficult since there are either a lack of resources or the addict’s own personal fears are holding them back. But breaking an addiction is imperative because it can quickly spiral out of control and rip lives apart. Searching for alcoholic treatment centres for addiction help isn’t just of importance to the addict, it’s important to those who are in direct contact with them.

Asking for help

The life of an addict is an extremely delicate balance of existence. In one respect, they feel the need to appear just the same as always to everyone around them. Yet they will become consumed more and more with thoughts of their substance; how to get it, when the next opportunity will arise so that they can have it etc. Eventually, this balance is likely to tip in the favour of the substance and people will begin to lose the normal aspect of life. Depending on the individual and the extent of their addiction, this could lead to them abandoning denial and asking for professional help.

To ask for help, people may go to their local GP and discuss their problems. They will be assessed and possibly referred to a rehab centre or advised on different programs that can help.

Ways to Treat an Addiction

Detox clinics are a prime way to treat an addiction. These clinics are able to provide the safety mechanisms in place for addicts to ease themselves away from their substance abuse issues without hurting themselves. Going cold turkey within alcoholic treatment centres in Pembrokeshire is one way to do it, however it’s not an option which can work for everybody.

Other addicts need help with their psychological issues which are causing them to turn towards alcoholism or drug addiction in the first place. Alongside individual and group counselling sessions to help them deal with their issues, alcoholics support for families will usually be on offer. Too many people forget how much dealing with an addiction afflicts friends and family members. Proper alcoholics support for families is just as important as support for the patient.

At the same time, the reason so many people turn to substance abuse is because of boredom with their own lives; it’s why the unemployed have a high number of addicts. Treating this boredom is just as important as attacking the source of the addiction. Creative classes and life skills programs are common features within Pembrokeshire drug and alcoholic rehabilitation centres for this reason.

Withdrawal Conundrums

Doctors and healthcare professionals always tell alcoholics and substance abusers to avoid attempting to treat themselves. Nobody is questioning how much will they have, what they are questioning is their ability to keep their body in good order. It can’t be stressed enough how dangerous withdrawal symptoms are. They can easily develop into serious conditions where the patient can die. If they went to a drug and alcoholic treatment centres for aid, any problems would be pinpointed as soon as they appeared.

There are a variety of withdrawal symptoms which can strike. It’s impossible to determine exactly which withdrawal symptoms will be felt, and it’s equally impossible to predict how severe they will be. Long term addicts are strongly advised to avoid attempting any treatment unless in the care of a detox clinic. It’s too dangerous, and doctors may send them to hospital for treatment before sending them away for addiction treatment.

Just some of the symptoms associated with treating addiction include: persistent and violent shaking, nausea, vomiting, delirium, insomnia, yellow skin, and persistent sweating. Even a Pembrokeshire doctor can’t prevent these symptoms, but what they can do is provide a place for them to be cured properly. Daily retreats through fitness and cooking are two ways in which the mind of the patient is taken away from their symptoms.

Worst Case Scenario

Rehab is only an option. Some people may have to attend a centre due to court orders or because they are referred after an overdose. But even when they are in rehab, they have a choice to participate fully or not. If a person is not open-minded and ready to receive help whilst at the same time helping themselves, then the best they can hope for is a few days without their substance.

For those that don’t accept help, there is one stereotype that is unfortunately accurate. The addiction will eventually get the better of them and ruin their health to the point of death.

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