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When substance abusers from Thame enter rehabilitation clinic it is important that they have realistic expectations. Failure to do so can mean that the person sabotages their own chances of ending the addiction. Rehabilitation clinics can be a great help when it comes to ending substance abuse, but it does not mean that the person will be fully spared the hard work and effort required to rebuild their life. Some of the reasons for why realistic expectations are important for people in Thame trying to end an addiction include:

  • Things are likely to improve as soon as the person ends the substance abuse but this does not mean that they can expect things to be perfect right away. It is likely to take many years before the individual feels completely comfortable in life, and it will take a good deal of effort to reach this point. Of course this does not mean that the person will not have many great times along the way.
  • Life is full of ups and downs and it is important that people who end their addiction. Nobody gets a free pass in life, and ending an addiction does not mean living in a constant state of bliss. It may never be possible to escape the ups and downs of life but the individual can learn how to deal with these much more effectively so that even the bad days are no more than a minor irritation.
  • If the person has unrealistic expectations they may just be looking for an excuse to relapse. This is because when things do not work out as they hoped they will become disappointed, and they will use this evidence that life in recovery is not so great after all. The key to long term sobriety is being grateful for the improvements and not focusing on what is missing.

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