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Alcohol and drug rehabilitation for people living in the Oxford area will often be the first important step in breaking away from this type of self destructive behaviour. It is often stated that in order for the person to be truly free of addiction they will need to hit rock bottom first. There is a good deal of truth in this type of statement, but it often gets misunderstood to mean something that it does not mean. The individual may take this advice to mean that they will need to lose everything before they will be ready for a drug rehab centre, but this is not what is meant by hitting rock bottom.

The Real Addiction Rock Bottom

It is understandable why people in Oxford might misunderstand that rock bottom refers to losing everything. The word itself means that the person will not be able to go any lower – this is what a rock bottom is. This is not what is meant by the addiction rock bottom because it really means that the individual has reached a point where they refuse to fall any lower. It does not mean that they have reached a point where they cannot fall any lower. The real rock bottom is death and nobody can recovery from this so when talking about rock bottoms in addiction we are referring to a place where the person has become sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

The idea of a rock bottom in addiction is highly subjective. Some people will become willing to enter drug rehab centres even though they have lost relatively little to their addiction – this is referred to as a high rock bottom. It is always better that the individual has a high rock bottom rather than a low one because the sooner they can end the addiction the better it will be for them.

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