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The idea of drug and alcohol abuse being a problem in the city of Oxford might be hard for some people to comprehend. However, if you are struggling with an addiction to a mood-altering substance, you will already know that these issues happen everywhere. Addiction does not discriminate based on where a person lives, how much money he or she has, or how old the individual is. In truth, addiction is an illness affecting millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, wherever mood-altering chemicals exist, problems with abuse inevitably follow. Thankfully, help is available through providers of both drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford.

There is no need for you to continue struggling with addiction when programmes are available that could help you to learn how to live a substance-free life once more. Overcoming addiction is never easy, but with the right programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Oxford, it is entirely possible. It is our job here at Addiction Helper to make sure that anyone who gets in contact with us can quickly and easily find a programme that will work for them.

We do this by taking all your needs into consideration before recommending any providers of rehab in Oxford. We know that your treatment plan should take more than just the severity of your addiction into account if you are to recover fully. We therefore also take your personal preferences, commitments, budget, and overall health into consideration when matching you to a suitable provider.

What Is the Benefit of Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Oxford?

We are assuming that you are here today because you have been affected by substance abuse or addiction in some way. It may be that you already know you are in trouble and are interested in finding out how you can access drug or alcohol rehab in Oxford.

Perhaps you are here because a loved one has suggested you need to cut back or quit your alcohol or drug use. If so, you may want to find out more about the possibility that you could indeed have a problem. We can help in either case.

We often get calls from family members who are worried about a loved one’s substance use. They can clearly see that the affected person is having difficulties controlling his or her substance use, but they are finding it hard to make this person accept how serious the situation is. Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, you are not alone. Please call us so we can help you get to the bottom of your situation. We can provide a free assessment that will enable you to tell once and for all if your loved ones are right. Please do not worry about others discovering that you have spoken with us; this will only happen if you choose to tell them.

When you call our helpline, a fully qualified advisor will take your call and will discuss your situation with you. He or she will ask a series of questions that are designed to help identify the presence of a substance misuse or addiction problem. So long as you are honest with your answers, we will be able to confirm your fears or else put your mind at rest.

How to Find Out If You Need Rehab in Oxford?

If we believe that you have a problem that is serious enough to warrant a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Oxford, we will let you know what the next steps are. For most people it will be a programme of detoxification to break the cycle of substance abuse and addiction.

A detox programme is most effective when it takes place in a dedicated facility under supervision. This is because the environment is safe and secure and any discomfort you might feel can be eased with appropriate medication dispensed by a fully qualified professional.

After you have completed a detox, you will need to follow on with a rehabilitation programme whereby your psychological addiction can be addressed. It may be tempting to quit the recovery process after detox because you believe yourself to be cured, but without tackling the cause of the addiction and developing ways to avoid a return to it in the future, you could easily find yourself on the path to addiction once more, with no way of getting out a second time.

Both detox and rehabilitation perform essential functions in the recovery process and neither will be effective without the other. It is important that you consider a comprehensive recovery programme if you are hoping for permanent sobriety.

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What Type of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Oxford If There for You?

It is our mission to match you to the most suitable provider of rehab in Oxford based on your requirements. But before we can do that, we have to know what those needs are. The only way this will happen is if we speak with you.

We need to know what substances you are using, which ones you have used in the past and how often you use them. We also need to know how long you have been abusing these substances as this will give us a clearer picture of your level of substance misuse and the type of treatment that would benefit you the most.

If your addiction is severe, it is likely that we will recommend an inpatient programme of treatment. You should know that most inpatient programmes are provided by private clinics and there will usually be a cost involved. Nonetheless, the cost of private treatment is often not as expensive as most would imagine. In addition, when most people sit down to consider the benefits of private treatment coupled with the fact that it tends to pay for itself after a number of substance-free months, the cost seems well worth it.

Despite our preference for private programmes that give you the opportunity to recover fully in the shortest amount of time, we do understand that these programmes are not for everyone. We want you to know that we only recommend private programmes where these are appropriate. We work with all providers of rehab across the UK to ensure that every clients’ needs are met. Please call us today and we will match you to a programme of detox and rehabilitation that suits.

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