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One of the recovery options that people dealing with addiction problems in Carterton will want to consider will be rehab. Alcohol or drug problems can be extremely difficult for the individual to overcome alone, but there is no reason for why they should have to do this. The best advice is that they stick with the winners, and one of the best places where people from Carterton will find these individuals will be in rehab centres.

Importance of Sticking with the Winners in Recovery

The advice to stick to the winners makes a great deal of sense. This is because humans are highly influenced by the individuals that they spend their time with. The benefits of sticking with the winners by entering a rehab clinic will include:

  • Positive thinking can be contagious (just like negative thinking), and this means that be being with people who are positive about recovery the individual will begin to feel the same way. This will then greatly increase the chance of them being successful in recovery.
  • These people will be much better able to offer good advice about how to be successful. They will be sharing things from their own experience, and this is always going to be more effective.
  • These people will be better able to offer support and encouragement to those who are trying to break away from addiction. The real danger with spending time with drinking and drug using friends in sobriety is that these individuals will not only tend to be anti recovery, but they may even try to actively sabotage it.
  • The successful people in recovery can be really inspiring. They can encourage the people in early recovery to become more motivated. The person can begin to believe that if they can do it then so can I.

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