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It seems so long ago that you took your first drink. On the other hand, perhaps cannabis was what opened the door to substance abuse for you. At any rate, looking back at the past and wishing you had not started using will not solve anything. You need to start looking ahead toward treatment and recovery. Addiction Helper can come alongside you if you are ready to put drink and drugs in the past.

How can we help? By offering you a comprehensive evaluation of your substance abuse problem, followed by recommendations for rehab in Abingdon. The free services we provide make it possible for you to begin treatment right away. You do not have to spend weeks or months investigating rehab options on your own; we have done that part of it for you.

Keep in mind there are many options for treatment in Abingdon. One of the main benefits of our service is that we help you sort out those treatments in order to determine what is best for you. You might be best served through an outpatient programme combining detox and counselling. Alternatively, perhaps your problem is severe enough to require residential treatment at a private clinic.

What Treatment Looks Like

All rehab treatments in Abingdon require at least some sort of counselling. As for detox, whether or not it is necessary in your case depends on the severity of your problem. If you are already addicted to drink or drugs, detox is necessary. It will not be needed if your substance abuse does not rise to the level of addiction.

The most severe drink and drug problems begin with a 7 to 10-day detox period. You’ll be happy to know that the private clinics we work with offer medically supervised detox with prescription medications where appropriate. Medical supervision ensures you will remain safe throughout the detox process. This is important, given the fact that complications can make detox a medical emergency.

Detox is followed by several weeks of rehabilitative therapy that can include everything from group counselling to something known as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Upon your release from the rehab programme, you will receive several months of aftercare services designed to help prevent relapse. Of course, we can explain all of this in more detail when you call our addiction recovery helpline.

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Start Your Recovery Now

We suspect you might be visiting our website because you already know you have a drug or alcohol problem. In that case, there is no reason to delay any further. In fact, delaying the treatment will make a bad situation worse. Do not subject yourself or your family to the harm of drugs or alcohol any longer. Instead, start your recovery right now.

Our addiction recovery helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained and knowledgeable counsellors. We are ready to come alongside and help you get the treatment you need to overcome substance abuse.

Addiction Helper offers substance abuse advice and referrals in Abingdon and throughout the UK. All of our services are free and confidential.

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