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Drug and alcohol treatment in Stromness can put the individual on track for future happiness.  These drug clinics provide the individual with the resources they need in order to build a successful future. There are many challenges that people from Stromness are likely to face when they first walk away from addiction so it is important that they are prepared for this. Some of the most common challenges that rehab can prefer the individual for would include:

  • Getting used to living without alcohol or drugs can be initially difficult for those who have been using these substances long term. This is because such substances will have been helping the individual to cope. This is why one of the most important jobs for a rehab clinic is to provide the individual with new and more effective coping mechanisms.
  • When the person first leaves rehab they can be faced with loneliness. This is a challenge that can easily derail sobriety so it is vital that the person is able to get sufficient support for their recovery. During their stay in rehab the individual can begin building a new network of sober friends.
  • A common reason for why people fall into addiction in the first place is that they struggle to deal with stress. A rehab will be able to help the individual learn new skills that will make dealing with stress that much easier.
  • It is common for people to describe early recovery as an emotional rollercoaster. The individual can suffer from extreme mood swings but spending time in a rehab clinic will help prepare them for this.
  • When people first become sober they may not have any idea about what to do with their life. By staying in a drug rehab the individual will have an opportunity to consider their options.

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