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A common reason for why people from Kirkwall may end up requiring detox clinics is that they have been self medicating.  This means that the individual was using alcohol or drugs as a means to help them cope with things in their life. In the beginning these substances may seem to be helping, but the reality is that they are always making things worse in the long run. This is why it is so vital that people from Kirkwall are able to break away from this type of behaviour so that they can get effective tools for dealing with their problems.

Why Do People Self Medicate?

When the individual begins using alcohol or drugs to help them cope with things they never believe that this is going to someday lead them to need a detox centre. The individual may have turned to these substances for a number of reasons including:

  • The individual may have felt shy or alienated from society but they found that alcohol and drugs helped them feel a bit more sociable. The reality is that these substances can initially turn even an extreme wallflower into a party person.
  • In some cases the individual will have been dealing with the symptoms of depression or anxiety, but they did not realise that this was the case. The person just finds that by taking alcohol and drugs they feel better. The problem is that over time substance abuse greatly exacerbates mental health problems so that the individual ends up with two problems instead of one.
  • Those people who have suffered mental or emotional abuse can turn to these chemicals in order to cope. In reality all they are doing is hiding from their problems, and there are far more effective strategies they could use to help them deal with things.


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